Crochet Inspiration: 60 Chevrons, Ripples, Waves (Patterns and Photos)

loucamp rainbow chevron crochet

Image via loucamp

Crochet chevrons (also known as ripples or waves) are a popular, beautiful, simple crochet pattern that can be used to make anything from a headband to a blanket. I love chevrons and want to encourage you to try them if you’ve never used them before. This roundup is intended to inspire you!

Chevron Crochet Patterns and Tutorials

crochet ripple patternNeat ripple crochet pattern from Attic 24 is probably the most popular basic ripple crochet pattern and in fact is one of the 25 Most Popular Crochet Patterns

chevron crochet

How to Crochet Chevrons with a Straight Edge @annabooshouse (previously posted in my roundup of 45 crochet tutorials)

crochet chevron skirt pattern

Play with chevron striping using the free crochet tutorial from Tension magazine for making this crochet skirt

crochet chevron

crochet pattern for a chevron scarf from Grow Creative

crochet clutch pattern

@fiberflux shared a free crochet clutch pattern done in Chevron Stitch

crochet chevron shawl pattern

Crochet chevron net shawl free pattern by @jahuston

chevron crochet blanket pattern

Chevron crochet blanket free pattern from @RescuedPaw; previously shared in my roundup of 30 new crochet blanket patterns

crochet ripple dress pattern

Crochet ripple dress free pattern from The Green Dragonfly; previously shared in my roundup of 15 beautiful free crochet girls’ dress patterns

crochet mitts

Chevron lace fingerless mitts free crochet pattern @mooglyblog; Moogly also has a Chevron Lace Wrap pattern

crochet pillow pattern

Chevron crochet pillow pattern free from @RedHeartYarns

chevron crochet patterns

Both of these are chevron-print vintage crochet patterns that are sold by people on Etsy. (The maxi by cemetarian and the mini by HeirloomPatterns.) Even though they have different color stories, they feel like twins to me.

crochet cuff free pattern

Chevron lace free crochet cuff pattern from Shannon Burns; previously shared in my round of 20 beautiful crochet jewelry patterns

ripple crochet scarf

Ripple crochet scarf free pattern @UCrafter; previously shared in my roundup of 35 crochet scarf and cowl patterns

ripple crochet blanket pattern

Free crochet ripple blanket pattern from @feltedbutton

crochet ripple dress free pattern

Crochet ripple dress free Ravelry download pattern from Knit Nottingham; previously shared in my roundup of 20 crochet clothing patterns

crochet ripple blanket pattern

Large crochet ripple blanket pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs

ripple crochet blanket pattern

Cheerful Ripple Crochet Blanket, a free pattern from Adventures in Thread; previously shared in my roundup of 20 more fantastic crochet blanket patterns

wells ripple afghan crochet pattern

Wells Ripple Crochet Afghan Pattern for sale by AnastaciaKnits

how to crochet

How to Crochet the Classic Double Crochet Ripple Stitch via New Stitch a Day

crochet ripple stitch

How to crochet lacy ripple stitch @olgalacycrochet

chevron crochet egg pattern

Chevron crochet egg free pattern from @jahuston; previously shared in my roundup of Easter crochet patterns

Chevron Crochet Pattern Books

ripple crochet book

100 Colorful Ripple Stitches to Crochet: 50 Original Stitches & 50 Fabulous Colorways for Blankets and Throws ir?t=moho 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1250049490 by Leonie Morgan

ripple crochet stocking

Chevron crochet stocking pattern in Edie Eckman’s Christmas Crochet Book

crochet ripple patterns

Stitch and Unwind collection of free crochet ripple patterns; this has actually been updated and now includes 25 patterns

ripple afghan books

These books were prizes offered by Marie of @UCrafter in her ripple CAL

Chevron Crochet Inspiration Photos

Here are more photos to inspire you in your color choices and chevron crochet. They come from Instagram submissions unless otherwise noted.

annesurr chevrons crochet

Crochet chevron blankets from annesurr

louloudeane chevron crochet

Chevron crochet cushion from louloudeane

holly_pips crochet chevron blanket

Chevron crochet WIP by holly_pips

littlecosythings crochet chevron blanket

Chevron crochet blanket from littlecosythings

peeka_bo_crochet chevron crochet

Crochet chevron from peeka_bo_crochet

lisarye chevron crochet

Chevron crochet in blue from lisarye

hookystar crochet chevron

Colorful chevron crochet from hookystar

sweet_sharna chevrons crochet

Crochet ripple from sweet_sharna

forestflowerdesigns crochet chevron

Neutral and neon crochet ripple from forestflowerdesigns

crochet on tv

Chevron crochet blanket on an episode of Preacher’s Daughters; crochet on TV

wendysquiltsandmore crochet chevron blanket

Chevron crochet from wendysquiltsandmore

raimarie16 chevron crochet

Textured chevron crochet from raimarie16

crochet granny ripple

Grannies and Ripples crochet blanket from CaseyPlusThree

gooseberryfool crochet chevron blanket

Chevron crochet WIP from gooseberryfool

mrsdaftspaniel crochet chevronChevron crochet blanket from mrsdaftspaniel

loucamp crochet chevron

Blue and white chevron crochet from loucamp

ripple crochet bag

Ripple crochet e-reader case

angie_angie02004 crochet chevron blanket

Pastel chevron crochet angie_angie02004

chevron crochet blanket

Retro chevron crochet blanket from Kalee Michelle

audra_hooknowl chevron crochet

Minnie Mouse inspired crochet ripple from audra_hooknowl

jillsneedbrown crochet blanket chevrons

Crochet ripple blanket from jillsneedbrown; this instagram account doesn’t seem to be currently active

hanrosieg crochet rippleColorful crochet ripple from hanrosieg

clare_webb13 crochet ripple blanketsCrochet ripple blanket from clare_webb13

cozamundo crochet ripple blanket

Crochet ripple from cozamundo

silvery_cloud crochet ripple blanket

Crochet ripple WIP from silvery_cloud

knitpurlhook crochet ripple blankets

Ripple crochet from knitpurlhook

geoffreyandflop crochet ripples

blue crochet ripple from geoffreyandflop

theorsetfinca crochet ripple blanket with catkitty on ripple crochet blanket from thedorsetfinca


crochet ripple blanket from missmotherhook

flo crochet

Ripple stitch practice from Flo

mobiusgirl crochet ripple blanket

blue crochet ripple from mobiusgirl


crochet ripple from ricepuddingbaby

1970s rainbow ripple crochet

vintage 1975 ripple crochet blanket

make_the_nest instagram crochet ripplescrochet ripple blanket from make_the_nest

crochetsnuggles crochet ripple blanket

Pastel crochet ripple blanket from crochetsnuggles

jenjendb crochet ripple

Crochet ripple from jenjendb

nessbombaert crochet ripples

crochet ripple from _nessbombaert_

charliwalker44 crochet ripple blanket

colorful crochet ripple from charliwalker44; this Instagram account currently doesn’t seem to be available


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