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There is always something new to learn in crochet. Check out the 45+ crochet tutorials below to find stitches, stitch patterns, techniques, motifs and projects that are new for you. These have all been featured on blogs in this first quarter of 2015.

Crochet Basics

how to crochet chain

Crochet Basics: How to Crochet a Chain Stitch and Base Chain by Illuminate Crochet

left handed crochet tutorials

How to Crochet Left-handed free tutorial set from @mooglyblog

crochet chain

HDC Chainless Foundation crochet stitch tutorial video @gleefulthings

finger crochet

How to finger crochet @fiberflux

how to add fringe to crochet

How to add fringe to crochet by @JBHCrochet

Advanced Crochet Stitches and Stitch Patterns

flo blo crochet

flo and blo crochet tutorial videos via @fiberflux

crochet thermal stitch

How to crochet sc thermal stitch from @crochetkitten


How to crochet left-leaning and right-leaning crossed double crochet @jessie_athome

dc stitch tutorial

Center double crochet stitch tutorial video free @mooglyblog

how to fpdc

How to fpdc @gleefulthings


How to sc3tog @freshstitches


How to dc4tog @redheartyarns

crochet heart stitch

How to Crochet Heart Stitch @bhookedcrochet who also offers a crochet star stitch tutorial

basketweave crochet

How to crochet basketweave stitch @bhookedcrochet

jacobs ladder crochet stitch

Jacob’s Ladder Crochet Stitch Tutorial from @jessie_athome

crochet cables

How to crochet post stitch cables over 2 and 4 stitches from @jessie_athome

crochet ribbing

How to Make Crochet Ribbing with Post Stitches @crochetkitten; see also my post stitch crochet square tutorial

crochet post stitches

How to Crochet Shallow Post Stitches @mooglyblog

crochet linen stitch

How to crochet linen stitch AKA moss stitch @jessie_athome

long double crochet linen stitch pattern

Long double crochet linen stitch tutorial free from Marly Bird

chevron crochet

How to Crochet Chevrons with a Straight Edge @annabooshouse

Crochet Techniques

crochet edges tutorial

How to Crochet a Clean Edge Along a Rough Edge tutorial by @feltedbutton

how to surface crochet

How to Surface Crochet @JBHCrochet

tunisian crochet

How to Work Tunisian Simple Stitches in the Round via @crochetme

how to crochet a button

How to Crochet a Button @mooglyblog

Crochet Motifs

crochet granny square

How to Crochet Granny Squares (my own tutorial on Craftsy); also see how to read crochet granny square charts by Little Treasures

crochet mitered square

How to crochet a mitered square @rescuedpaw

crochet flat circle

How to Crochet a Flat Circle by @sherjenks of Fly the Coop Crafts. You might also like 4 ways to start a crochet circle from Illuminate Crochet.

Crochet Projects

crochet tea cozy tutorial

How to Make a Vintage-Style Crochet Tea Cozy by @meetmeatmikes who also shares a different style of granny square tea cosy based on just one granny square

crochet doily pattern

Ruffled crochet doily tutorial @becraftsy

crochet lace bowls

How to turn a crochet doily into a lace bowl by @amiguruMEI via @staronline

crochet heart flower wreath project

Crochet Flower Heart-Shaped Wreath Tutorial free from Attic24

crochet heart pouch

How to crochet a hanging heart pouch made of circles! from [email protected]

crochet paper tutorial

How to crochet around flat cards @crochetspot; have you seen my post on crochet + paper ideas?

crochet heart garland

How to crochet a heart garland video tutorial by @twinkiechan

crochet basket

How to make a T-shirt yarn crochet basket from Fly The Coop Crafts

hanging crochet plastic bottles

How to upcycle plastic bottles with crochet to make hanging pen holders


bakers twine upcycled t-shirt yarn crochet

How to Make T-shirt Yarn Baker’s Twine from bilingual blog Nur Noch via @recyclart


How to Cut Plastic Packaging into Plarn via My Recycled Bags

yarn swift

How to Use a Yarn Swift and Winder @mooglyblog

Blog Tutorials

how to photograph crochet

How to Photograph Crochet via @repeatcrafterme

Other Craft Tutorials

How to Cross Stitch on Crochet

How to Cross Stitch on Crochet @bhookedcrochet

yarn lollipops tutorial

Yarn lollipops tutorial from @repeatcrafterme

crochet rope baskets

How to Dip Dye Rope Baskets @molliemakes

crochet collar pattern

How to sew a John Rocha fashion crochet collar using ready-made crochet trim

fabric backing

How to Sew a Fabric Backing to a Knit (or crochet) Pillow Front via @kristinnicholas


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