9 Great Ways To Organize Your Crochet Hooks With Style

If you’re like me, you probably have tons of crochet hooks in various sizes and made of different materials. Maybe some were gifts from friends and family, or you splurged on a pretty handcrafted or wooden set.

What to do with all of those hooks?

If you’re actively crocheting every day, you want your hooks to be easily accessible but also neatly organized.

Perhaps you’d also like to display some of your nicer hooks in a way you can admire them, even when you’re not using them, rather than cram them into an old plastic container.

Or maybe crocheting is something that you do once in a blue moon, or on the go.

However you crochet, we all want our hooks to be neat and tidy! I’ve rounded up some of my personal favorites on the best ways to organize your hooks and notions.

Travel Organizer

This is one of my personal favorite ways to organize my favorite hooks – especially if I’m taking my work on the go with me (even if it’s just from my craft room to the couch). Many of these can be purchased from your local craft store.

However, maybe you’d like something a little fancier. Here are a few of my personal favorite picks!

  • This gorgeous roll-style hook and notion organizer from Sadie’s Home on Etsy is part art and part organizer!
  • Here’s another pretty roll-style hook organizer from the Etsy shop Knitting Bag and Case – it’s in a retro fabric.

You can also crochet your own hook organizer if you like! Here are some great patterns that I love:

  • This pattern is from the Etsy shop Nicki’s Homemade Crafts – I love the color scheme options!
  • Here’s a pretty rainbow roll-style case pattern from Living in Amethyst’s shop!
  • I couldn’t resist this adorable fox hook organizer pattern from Little Hand Crochet on Etsy! The pattern can be found here.

Pencil Case

Perhaps you need something even more portable than a travel case – something that can take a bit of a beating or you don’t need to worry about it getting dirty!

A pencil case is a great option. You can use a hard pill-style case or the zipper pouch kind. Great for taking with you on camping trips or stuffed in a suitcase for traveling.

Hook Stand

If you have a matching set of hooks and a little desk space, a hook stand may be the best option for you! I love this wooden stand from Rustic Rose Woodshop on Etsy:

Here’s another wonderful wooden hook stand from Chetnanigans on Etsy:

Oversized Coffee Mug

If you’re like me, you enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea while you work – and everyone knows that about you, so you receive TONS of cute mugs as gifts!

Why not repurpose a mug to hold your hooks? Or you can buy yourself a crochet mug just for your hooks, like this fun one from Little Bears Porch:

Crochet Project Bag

In addition to being a great place to organize and store your hooks, a project bag also affords you a little more space to store your yarn and current work in progress.

Here are a few that I’m currently loving!

  • Cottage Cloth on Etsy has this beautiful and organic canvas tote. It has built-in pockets for hooks and needles, and the center pocket is perfect for organizing your skeins of yarn and current projects. I love the simplistic design and the color options!
  • Maybe you’d like to make your own? This kit from Hoooked includes everything you’ll need to make your own project bag – and I absolutely adore the finished product!
Crochet Kit Project bag

Armchair Caddy

If you crochet on the couch or in a particular armchair, this caddy from Buttermilk Cottage on Etsy could be perfect for you!

Here’s another option for an armchair caddy from Arabesque Scissors on Etsy – I love the colors for this one! It also includes a pin cushion and has several sizes of pockets, so you can find the perfect size for you.


Looking to repurpose some household items into crochet hook holders? Vases are wonderfully decorative and, depending on how many hooks you have to store, it may be the perfect option for you!

Dust out an old vase and give it a try – you may find it looks perfect in your crafting space.

Upcycled Hook Storage

While we’re on the topic of repurposing items, why not give upcycling a try? This tutorial from the blog Petite bout de chou uses common household items to make an inexpensive hook storage roll.

Crochet Hook Holder with Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat

Doodlecraft’s blog has this excellent upcycled soda bottle zipper case that would be perfect for holding crochet hooks!

Upcycled Soda Bottle Pencil Case

Crochet Cart

I personally use a cart to organize my hooks – I have a small bucket full of hooks that I put on the top shelf of my three-tiered cart! I know other crafters use a three-tiered cart to organize their WIPs and craft supplies!

Lila Bjorn’s Crochet World has some tips on how to best use the cart as well as a detailed description of how she utilizes it to keep her craft space neat and tidy.

Trolley for Yarns and Wip's

Parting Thoughts!

However you choose to organize your hooks, pick a way that works best with your crochet style!

If you’re more of an on-the-go crocheter, a cloth roll, portable case, or bag may be perfect for you. If you have a favorite spot or a comfortable armchair you like to relax in to crochet, an over-the-arm caddy or crochet cart might be a better fit!

Or, if you’ve treated yourself to a beautiful set of hooks, perhaps proudly displaying them in a beautiful wooden caddy might be the best choice as a chic storage space.

23 thoughts on “9 Great Ways To Organize Your Crochet Hooks With Style”

  1. mine are in a tin pencil case with the most used 3 lying on the coffee table with my scissors and yarn needle. I really like these innovations, so thanks for sharing :) I think the vase one is my favourite.

  2. I use the long mini M&M containers for my steel crochet hooks, they aren’t long enough for the aluminum ones though. I have also used plastic or metal cigar tubes to hold the little steel hooks, some of the smaller sizes of aluminum hooks will fit too, after about size f o g the lids don’t want to close. I use an old plastic eyeglass case to hold some of my hooks and gadgets too. Like my knitting stitch holders and stitch markers, depends on the case they usually will hold a large number of the crochet hooks as well. I am looking at the crystal light containers to hold my larger hooks and my circular knitting needles, I can then mark the canister with the size it contains.

  3. Good morning from No. Cali
    I’ve over 60 crochet hooks and knitting needles. So many various sizes and I want to keep them all together so I tried plastic cases, pencil cases, jars and what nots. I’m out of ideas. Does anyone have suggestions for larger storage?

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