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Awhile back I did a big roundup of crochet items and crocheting that had been spotted on various TV shows and movies. Once you start looking, you see that there is crochet all over the little screen! Today I’ve got some other examples from you, mostly of crochet items spotted in the background of various scenes, often in reality TV shows and documentary-style shows.

crochet tv

Granny square crochet blanket from an episode of Killer Kids (Like Father, Like Son)

crochet tv

Crochet motif sweater from an episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas

crochet tv

From an episode of MTV True Life about zombie pageants (above – crochet shawl and below crochet vest)

crochet tv
crochet tv

Chevron Crochet Blanket from an episode of Those Who Kill called Insomnia

crochet blanket tv show

Crochet blanket (on the chair above) and crochet pillow (shown below) both from Season 3, Episode 1 Breaking Amish

tv crochet pillow

crochet tv

Crochet scarf from an episode of 16 and Pregnant (Arianna)


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