Crochet skirts are great. They can be worn easily by many different body types to create many different fashion statements. Crochet skirt patterns are available for beginners but are also great projects for more advanced stitchers. Today I want to celebrate the crochet skirt by doing a roundup of 100 of the most amazing crochet skirts I’ve seen.

In this roundup you will find one-of-a-kind crochet skirts that someone made and shared in photos around the web. You’ll also find crochet skirt patterns. The 100 crochet skirts in this roundup are divided into ten different categories: freeform crochet skirts, skirts made using a niche crochet technique, bohemian crochet skirts, designer crochet skirts, novelty yarn crochet skirts, most colorful crochet skirts, crochet skirts for kids, matching crochet skirt sets, vintage crochet skirts and finally THE TRULY UNFORGETTABLE CROCHET SKIRTS.

Freeform Crochet Skirts

The ten unique crochet skirts in this section are all made using freeform crochet:

freeform crochet skirt and top

This freeform crochet skirt and matching top is handcrafted in Spain and sold on Etsy by LecrochetArt

irish crochet freeform skirt

Antonina Kuznetsova does freeform Irish crochet work; I love this skirt of hers

crochet squares skirt

Etsy’s RebeccaVellaDesign used overlapping crochet squares to create this unique earth-inspired skirt, made from not just yarn but also ribbon, hemp and fabric.

crochet freeform skirt

Mirto does great freeform crochet work here in the Bay Area; this is her magic garden skirt

freeform crochet skirt motifs

Flickr’s MarianneS shared this motif-based crochet freeform skirt

doris chan freeform crochet skirt

This multimedia crochet skirt is by Doris Chan

freeform knit and crochet skirt

This freeform crochet and knit skirt was featured on Norwegian Blog Strikkespinn

freeform crochet skirt

This freeform crochet skirt is sold on Etsy by KarineNicon

freeform crochet art skirt

This freeform crochet skirt was made by fiber artist Lorena Ferreira

crochet motif skirt

Most freeform crochet skirts are one-of-a-kind items. However, this pattern by Erika Knight that can be found in the book Rowan Farmhouse Knits , shows you how to do a little bit of freeform yourself by giving you a motif pattern and joining options but also lots of choices for making the design your own.

Niche Crochet Skirts

Freeform is just one type of crochet that is unique; let’s look now at crochet skirts that are made using other types of niche crochet techniques:

crochet cable skirt pattern

Explore cabling in crochet with this crochet skirt pattern sold by Eleven Handmade

crochet cable miniskirt

Another pattern for practicing crochet cables is this great A-line crochet miniskirt by Josi Hannon Madera, pattern sold over at Tension

crochet skirt pattern post stitches

You can explore post stitch crochet that’s not cabling by working on this crochet pattern by Kathy Merrick, sold by Interweave

bruges lace crochet skirt

This Bruges Lace skirt by Ellen Gormley can be found in the Spring 2012 issue of Interweave Crochet Magazine

crochet skirt pattern

The Ming Tree Crochet Skirt Pattern by Drew Emborsky gives you the chance to try surface crochet.

slip stitch crochet skirt pattern

The free crochet pattern for this Slanted Skirt by Tanja Osswald can be worked in a variety of different stitches; the one shown here was worked in BLO slip stitch crochet.

hairpin lace crochet skirt

This Ravelry pattern is for the bicraftual crafter who can combine hairpin crochet lace with garter stitch knitting. The pattern is by Lena Fedotova.

hairpin lace bustle

Can’t knit but love hairpin lace? The crochet pattern for Stitch Diva’s bustle skirt is another good choice.

crochet skirt

This crochet skirt pattern from Vogue Knitting uses stranded crochet and graduated sizes of shell stitch to create the cool pattern.

crochet chevron skirt pattern

Play with chevron striping using the free tutorial from Tension magazine for makign this crochet skirt.

Bohemian Crochet Skirts

One of the favorite styles that people enjoy when wearing crochet is the bohemian style. The unique crochet skirts in this section are great for that bohemian style:

bohemian crochet skirt

This gorgeous bohemian crochet skirt is sold on Etsy by NaliniShop

crochet boho skirt

Etsy’s MyrtleBedford is selling this 1990’s crochet skirt with a cool boho vibe to it

granny square crochet skirt pattern

Etsy’s PastPerfectPatterns sells the vintage crochet pattern for this bohemian granny square skirt

vanessa hudgens crochet skirt

Vanessa Hudgens frequently wears crochet and she does so with a great sense of stylish bohemian flair, which we see in her choice of this crochet skirt

crochet boho skirt

This embellished crochet gypsy skirt is a pattern in the book Embellished Crochet.

rihanna crochet skirt

Rihanna made waves when she wore this racy crochet skirt out in public but I actually think that styled properly it would make a great bohemian look!

free people crochet skirt boho

The crochet maxi skirts by Free People often have a great boho look to them

celebrity crochet skirt

Likewise, Miley Cyrus doesn’t look bohemian in this crochet skirt but I think it’s a great skirt for that style. Many people worry about bohemian looks being a little too oversized and not sexy enough; the openwork design on this long skirt helps with that.

boho crochet skirt

This boho crochet skirt is sold online by Boston Proper

novelty yarn crochet boehmian skirt

RINACOSTYLES on Etsy shares this bohemian crochet skirt with matching cropped, hooded crochet jacket.

Designer Crochet Skirts

Fashion designers have sent many unique crochet skirts down the runway; let’s take a look at some of those:


My personal favorite designer crochet skirt remains the Christopher Kane skirt that went down the runway a couple of years ago; I wish he’d do something new in crochet!


I also really liked the House of Holland granny square crochet skirts and dresses from that same season.

sister by sbiling crochet skirt

Sister by Sibling had an Autumn 2013 fashion show that included some great crochet; I adored this skirt from that show.

fair trade crochet skirt

Crochet sweater skirt from Fair Trade fashion brand Edun

crochet skirt

Dolce and Gabbana have produced several crochet skirts; this pencil skirt from a few years back was a favorite.

lacroix crochet dress

And here’s another three piece designer crochet set, this one from Christian LaCroix

coco chanel crochet skirt

This bold red crochet skirt came from Chanel

chanel crochet

Here’s another more recent crochet skirt from Chanel

crochet dior

Christian Dior created this great crochet skirt with matching jacket

crochet skirt

In smaller designers, Pablo Cabahug put some great crochet skirts on the runway for Philippine Fashion Week a couple of years ago

Novelty Yarn Crochet Skirts

Novelty yarns can be used to create crochet that is different from what we normally see. Here aer ten unique crochet skirts made with novelty yarn:

stunning fashion photography

Ambika Boutique uses unique angora rabbit fur to create their crochet items like this short fur skirt

doris chan hemp crochet skirt

Doris Chan has created several crochet skirt patterns using hemp yarn

crochet cage skirt

Gina Michelle uses recycled plastic bottle yarn to crochet this cage skirt

eyelash yarn crochet skirt

Etsy’s Tangled Web Store sold this eyelash yarn crochet overskirt

fun fur crochet skirt

Lion Brand points out that you can crochet fun fur and other novelty yarns into a chain and use that to embellish an existing skirt as we see here with their denim skirt example.

crochet homespun skirt

Vashti Braha’s Night Life Skirt from the May 2006 issue of Crochet! Magazine uses Lion Brand’s Homespun Bulky Yarn

novelty yarn crochet skirt

Crochet Creative Creations offers the free crochet pattern for this toddler skirt that uses Sashay novelty yarn

child crochet skirt

This is another example of a ruffled crochet skirt made with a different type of novelty yarn

crochet novelty yarn skirt

POMPOMCLOTHING on Etsy sells this maxi crochet skirt made from a polyester/ rayon novelty yarn

crochet bulky skirt pattern

This crochet skirt pattern by Roxanne Seabright is made with bulky luxury Artfibers yarn

Most Colorful Crochet Skirts

Although I don’t usually make it myself, I love very colorful crochet, so I thought I’d include a section here of unique crochet skirts that are especially colorful:

crochet granny square skirt and vest

When I think of colorful crochet I immediately think of Babukatorium. She has a few great rainbow-hued crochet skirts but my favorite right now is an upcycled wool skirt that she added colorful crochet squares too and also created a matching top for.

crochet rainbow mini skirt

I love the flirty shape on this colorful crochet mini skirt (which can also be worn as a poncho) that is sold on Etsy by Starrbeads.

colorful crochet skirt

Etsy’s RuchkiKruchkI sells pricey unique crochet items like this colorful granny square skirt that can also be worn as a mini-dress.

crochet rainbow skirt

Etsy’s JessieAtHome sells this black crochet skirt with rows of colorful crochet hexagons.

rainbow crochet skirt

Find this take on a rainbow crochet skirt over on Flickr; it’s by Annie Butterfly

crochet skirt pattern

The crochet pattern for this gorgeous bias miniskirt by Doris Chan can be found in the book Crochet Noro.

colorful crochet skirt pattern

The pattern for this colorful crochet skirt was in the 2004 issue of Vogue Knitting. Photo from Ravelry.

crochet skirt

This colorful crochet skirt is sold on Etsy by silvanasebben

crochet circle skirt

This colorful motif crochet skirt comes from Etsy’s subrosa123

crochet fringe skirt

This crochet fringe yarn skirt comes from Etsy’s KnottyLoop

Crochet Skirts for Kids

Little girls love skirts, too!

crochet kids skirt pattern

This is the crochet gelato skirt pattern sold by Mary Thomson on Ravelry

crochet tutu pattern

Etsy’s NaturallyNoraCrochet sells the crochet pattern for this girls’ tutu

crochet toddler skirt

RAKJPatterns sells this cute textured crochet toddler skirt

crochet girls skirt

I love the bold colors on this girls’ crochet skirt, a free Caron pattern by @crochetkim

crochet kids skirt pattern

FreePatterns has the download for this Rhonda Davis ruffled crochet skirt for girls

crochet skirt

This is a Tammy Hildebrand crochet skirt pattern and matching flower headband pattern offered free from Red Heart

crochet kids skirt

Over on Etsy fiberworksmaven sells lots of cute OOAK crochet kids skirts including this one with a pocket on it

crochet toddler skirt

Ingun Santini sells the crochet pattern for this toddler size skirt through Ravelry

crochet belly dance skirt

This little skirt and top is Crochet Kitten’s free pattern for Baby’s First Crochet Belly Dance Costume

crochet skirt costume

Etsy’s EMembroiderycrochet sells this crochet Queen of Hearts skirt costume for girls

Matching Crochet Skirt Sets

Crochet skirts can easily be paired with other crochet items for a cute matching set:

crochet skirt set

Crochet designer Vashti Braha is great with sets; in fact, I included a cute crochet skirt with matching shawl in my 100 unique crochet shawls roundup. I loved that skirt but love this crochet fringe skirt even more; it comes with a matching wrap as well. It was published in a 2007 issue of Crochet! Magazine.

annie briggs crochet outfit

It’s not easy to create a crochet top and bottom that can look stylish together but serve well as individual pieces. Annie Briggs achieves that here.

crochet skirt and blouse

Etsy’s AnnaKorszewska makes this crochet skirt and blouse set to custom order.

matching crochet skirt and shirt

Similarly, this is a custom-to-order crochet blouse and skirt set from Etsy’s HeirloomsbyAntonia

matching crochet dress patterns

Not only do the skirt and shirt match in this crochet set but there are patterns to make matching Mommy and Me outfits. Free crochet pattern with charting.

crochet skirt

Crochet swimsuits are often paired with matching crochet skirts like we see here on the Crochet Candy Bikini & Skirt

crochet vest and skirt

This crochet skirt and matching vest made using vertical granny stripes is sold on Etsy by onhooksandneedlesct

1970s crochet skirt and halter top

Etsy’s KinsieWoolShop sells the crochet pattern for this 1970s crochet skirt and matching halter top

crochet skirt and hat set

This matching girls skirt and hat set is the Andalucia crochet skirt and Gipsy Girl crochet hat designed by Addydae Designs

crochet evening wear

Donna Collinsworth sells the crochet patterns for a full evening ensemble

Retro and Vintage Crochet Skirts

There are some great vintage crochet skirts out there:

1970s retro crochet skirt pattern

I adore this retro 1970s crochet skirt and matching top; pattern sold on Etsy by KinsieWoolShop

1960s crochet skirt

This crochet miniskirt was made in the 1960s and is being sold on Etsy by shastapixie

crochet retro skirt and vest pattern

Here’s another great retro crochet skirt; the pattern and matching crochet vest pattern are free for download

crochet skirt suit vintage pattern

Etsy’s suerock sells the crochet pattern for this 1960s skirt suit.

mod crochet skirt and cardigan pattern

Etsy’s HouseonCherryHill sells the crochet pattern for this mod skirt and cardigan set.

vintage crochet skirt pattern

Etsy’s HeirloomPatterns sells a few great crochet skirt patterns from the 1970s including this classic maxi-length granny square skirt

vintage crochet pineapple skirt

Etsy’s TickTockKnits sells the vintage crochet pattern for this pineapple skirt

crochet skirt set

Etsy’s VintageBygones is selling this 1970s crochet skirt and top.

vintage crochet apron skirt

This vintage crochet apron skirt was sold on Etsy by grammasjunk.

crochet skirt and stole

On Etsy UncleJohnsBand sells the vintage crochet pattern for this 1940’s crochet skirt and matching crochet stole


These final ten unique crochet skirts are so unique that they need a category of their own:

crochet book skirt

This amazing crochet skirt was made from the pages of a book; and it has a book cover corset to match! Sold on Etsy by CheshireEden.

vintage crochet blanket skirt

Etsy’s MountainGirlClothing upcycled an old crochet blanket into a crochet skirt

knit and crochet newspaper skirt

This is a combination knit and crochet skirt made with upcycled newspapers by artist Ivano Vitali; he also has a crochet plastic bag skirt I like

raffia crochet skirt

This is a crocheted skirt by Vishna Collins made with raffia and inspired by Croatian folk dresses.

crochet art skirt

I adore the amazingly unique knit and crochet fashions of Sandra Backlund

crochet skirt pattern

I also adore this unique crochet skirt pattern that was in the Winter 2012 issue of Clotheshorse Mag!

crochet petticoat skirt

Etsy’s kovale sells this pineappple crochet tutu skirt with a classic 1950s dress shape.

ruffle crochet skirt

I’m in love with the unique shape of the Jane Bennet Skirt; this crochet pattern can be found in the book Austentatious Crochet by Melissa Horozewski.

sister by sibling novelty crochet

Sister by Sibling did an intriguing Autumn 2013 fashion show that included some great crochet; this oversized outfit was one of the items in the show

crochet skirt art

Tia M M Hegstad made this crochet art piece for the International Freeform Crochet Guild annual competition; I included it because it has the great crochet skirt on the woman in the artwork.

Did you find this post inspiring? You may also want to check out my roundups of 100 unique crochet scarves and 100 unique crochet hats and 100 unique crochet shawls.


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