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Each week there are more than 100 photos that people choose to share with the Crochet Concupiscence community through tags on Instagram. Here is an inspirational roundup showing what people are crafting. Learn how to join in on Sunday’s Instagram Crochet posts here. This week was really fun to look through because everyone, perhaps inspired by spring, is crocheting colorful items. Love it.

Featured Crochet Instagrammer

louloudeane instagram crochet

This week’s featured crochet Instagrammer is Louise Deane, known on IG as louloudeane. She describes herself as a “crafty, self taught, experimental crochet addict”, which is a great description of her beautiful yarn-y shares. I love the detail of her photos, which she always takes with her iPhone. In addition to crochet she “Loves baking, food, art, colour, holidays, exploring, + much more!” She shares those things in her feed at times, although the focus is always crochet. Her shares this week:

louloudeane crochet louloudeane chevron crochet louloudeane crochet studio louloudeane crochet hooks

10 Favorite Crochet Photos

In addition to the photos from featured Instagrammer LouLouDeane, my ten favorite photo submissions this week were:

1. Crochet flower square by 62soso

62soso crochet square

2. Crochet potholder display from byhaafner

byhaafner crochet potholders

3. Kayla’s Stars by CrochetingThruChronicDiseases

crochetingthruchronicdiseases kaylas stars

Alexandra says: “Do you want to help? Crochet stars and email me for my address at [email protected] The memorial yarnbomb will be on July 13, 2015. Want to help but can’t mail them? Crochet some stars, hang them in a tree, and email or post pictures to my facebook page. All pictures will be posted on my facebook page on July 13th while we have our memorial yarnbomb. They will also be put in a collage. And you can use the hashtag #kaylasstars for instagram and Facebook.”

4. T-shirt yarn crochet detail from crochetinpaternostercrochetinpaternoster tshirt yarn crochet

5. Upcycled Crochet Stool from @daniellajoe

daniellajoe crochet upcycled stool

6. Crochet glass vase cozy by @elisabethandree

elisabethandree crochet glass vase

7. Crochet teddy bear on ripple blanket from @hanrosieg

hanrosieg crochet ripple

8. Colorful crochet cushion detail from @kerryjane79

kerryjane79 crochet colorful cushion

9. Crochet flower from @queen_babs

queen_babs colorful crochet flower

10. Crochet owl by @twoplums

twoplus crochet owl

Colorful Granny Square Crochet

sweet_sharna crochet granny blanket

by sweet_sharna

stitchgwen crochet grannies


scrumbleweed colorful crochet squares


ricepuddingbaby crochet blankets


missmotherhook crochet rainbow granny blanket missmotherhook crochet granny square blanket

Rainbow crochet granny blanket by missmotherhook

milli_crea rainbow granny crochet


marretjeroos crochet colorful cushion


joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits rainbow crochet blanket


holly_pips crochet granny square blanket holly_pips crochet granny


girlfromalittletown crochet granny blanket


forestflowerdesigns crochet rainbow granny blanket


aglaelaser granny square crochet

aglaelaser crochet square


More Colorful Crochet

aglaelaser crochet mandala


amimami10 crochet


aneesurr crochet blanket


caseyplusthree crochet scrap blanket


classybird28 crochet scarf


cozamundo crochet moss stitch blanket

cozamundo crochet star ripple


crejatie crochet studio


crochetgirl99 crochet flowers crochetgirl99 crochet motifs


crowchet_handmade crochet shawl

crowchet_handmade crochet shawl

daniellajoe crochet dishcloths

crochet dishcloths by daniellajoe

girlfromalittletown crochet flower

girlfromalittletown crochet flower

hanrosieg crochet ripple blanket

crochet ripple blanket from hanrosieg

holly_pips crochet chevron blanket

crochet ripple blanket from holly_pips

holly_pips crochet Stylecraft Lilypond CAL

Stylecraft Lilypond CAL also by holly_pips

jenjendb crochet colorful


knitpurlhook crochet cushion knitpurlhook crochet mandala

Knitpurlhook crochet cushion WIP and mandala

marretjeroos crochet squares


mctoula purple crochet


mimamami_ crochet colors


mlissabethgr crochet potholder mlissabethgr crochet prayer shawl wip

Crochet potholder and prayer shawl WIP by mlissabethgr

myheartsinsnz crochet blanket

crochet blanket by myheartsinnz

patternparadise crochet tote bag

crochet bag by patternparadise

pauline.c.morgan crochet mandala

crochet mandala by pauline.c.morgan

peeka_bo_crochet crochet baby blanket peeka_bo_crochet crochet colorful blanket


jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet rug

crochet rug by jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy

pontocruzecompanhia crochet star


queen_babs crochet heart queen_babs yarnbomb crochet


sabrinamc7 crochet turtle coaster

crochet turtle coaster by sabrinamc7

silvery_cloud crochet blanket

crochet chevron blanket by silvery_cloud

thehopeanomaly crochet crown

crochet crown by thehopeanomaly

tinachalks colorful crochet circle


tintocktap crochet sophie blanket


And More

xtinerat crochet


wanderingneedle crochet shells scarf


vaynilla_love crochet sunflower

crochet sunflower square by vaynilla_love

tintocktap crochet squares granny


tinachalks crochet squares

crochet granny squares by tinachalks

tejidosdero crochet purse

crochet purse by tejidosdero

sweet_sharna crochet squares sweet_sharna crochet flower

crochet flower squares by @sweet_sharna

stitchyimpressions crochet shoes

crochet shoes by stitchyimpressions

stitchgwen crochet blanket

stitchgwen crochet motifs

stephaniedavies crochet skinny scarf

stephaniedavies lace crochet

stelcrochet yarn stelcrochet vintage crochet tablecloth stelcrochet lacy crochet scarf stelcrochet crochet granny blanket

yarn, vintage 19th century tablecloth, lace scarf and granny stripes from stelcrochet

ricepuddingbaby crochet dolls

Crochet dolls by ricepuddingbaby

redagape crochet gloves

crochet fingerless gloves WIP by redagape

rebeccabeedesigns crochet sweater

crochet sweater by rebeccabeedesigns

rawrustic crochet purse

crochet purse WIP by rawrustic

raimarie16 crochet baby shoes

crochet baby sandals by raimarie16

patternpiper crochet v stitch blanket patternpiper crochet shirt

V-stitch crochet and granny shirt by patternpiper

onaturbokick88 crochet penguin hat

crochet penguin hat from onaturbokick88

mrsdaftspaniel crochet doll

crochet doll by mrsdaftspaniel

mammalanie crochet blanket

mammalanie crochet blanket

madeinballard crochet earflap hat

madeinballard crochet earflap hats

lyndapc crochet baby vest

lyndapc crochet baby vest

littlefoxcrochet crochet pears littlefoxcrochet crochet donuts littlefoxcrochet crochet baby set littlefoxcrochet bunny cushion

Crochet pears, donuts, baby set and bunny cushion from littlefoxcrochet

littlecosythings crochet bears littlecosythings crochet animals littlecosythings crochet animal

Crochet animals from littlecosythings

little_v_and_me upcycled jeans crochet

Upcycled denim and t-shirt yarn rug by little_v_and_me

krystlewvscrochet crochet tank

Beautiful crochet halter tank by krystlewvscrochet

knitpurlhook crochet scarf

Crochet scarf by knitpurlhook

joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits crochet square


jijihook crochet squares

jijihook crochet flower squares

inspiringcrochet crochet flower squares

inspiringcrochet crochet flower squares

inspiringcrochet crochet doll

inspiringcrochet crochet doll

hookybren yarn

hookybren crochet design

hookybren yarn samples and crochet pattern design

holly_pips yarn pegs

holly_pips yarn pegs

hayleyarious crochet granny blanket hayleyarious crochet basket

hayleyarious crochet blanket and coasters basket

feranatal crochet raffia hat feranatal crochet bag

Crochet raffia hat and purse by feranatal

elzavan912 yarm elzavan912 crochet throw

Yarn and crochet throw by elzavan912

elisabethandree crochet detail elisabethandree crochet bag

Crochet detail and new bag by elisabethandree

ektelykke crochet blanket

crochet blanket by ektelykke

dojocrochet thread crochet

thread crochet by dojocrochet

daniellajoe crochet red purple


cuddlebugkids crochet pillows

crochet applique cushions by cuddlebugkids

crochetzoneblog crochet shoes pattern

crochet shoes by crochetzoneblog

crochetinpaternoster crochet coaster tarn crochetinpaternoster crochet flowers crochetinpaternoster crochet heart

Crochet coasters, flower and heart on vintage shirt by crochetinpaternoster

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet butterfly crochetinghtruchronicdiseases crochet captain america

Crochet butterfly and Captain America doll by crochetingthruchronicdiseases

crochet_with_ganondorf crochet lace


cozamundo crochet stars cozamundo crochet ripple blanket

crochet stars and ripple blanket by cozamundo

ceyhan65 crochet squares

crochet squares by ceyhan65

angie_angie02004 crochet griaffe

crochet giraffe by angie_angie02004

anfloclay crochet blanket squares

crochet squares by anfloclay

aglaelaser crochet lace


62soso crochet


_nessbombaert_ crochet owl hats _nessbombaert_ crochet monkey hat

Crochet owl and monkey hats from _nessbombaert_

My Crochet On Instagram

Here are some of the things that I shared on Instagram this week:

crochet crochet granny poncho

Granny poncho spotted at the zoo

doily art

Doily crochet art



one plastic bag crochet

Excerpt from One Plastic Bag crochet children’s book

seed stitch cotton crochet

Seed stitch crochet cotton dishcloth WIP; see my tips for working with cotton

seed stitch cotton crochet detail sheep

I spy yarn at the zoo :)

tall stitches crochet

Tall stitches crochet using Soft Sparkle yarn from @redheartyarns

thrift store crochet

Thrift store crochet


Sari silk yarn birthday gift from a friend

Note: Not all of the tagged photos from the week make it into the roundup post. For example, any accounts set to private don’t show up here, and when a lot of photos of the same item are shared there may be only one or two shown here. Take a look on Instagram at #crochetsavedmylife and #crochetconcupiscence to see all of the amazing contributions.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


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