20 Adorable MicroCrochet Patterns that are Simple and Easy

If you love super adorable MicroCrochet patterns you are going to fall in love with this collection!

Oh my goodness. The cuteness is over the top and you will want to try several of these.

And, why not? They are all easy to make with step by step instructions and can be worked up in a flash!

From cute animals and dolls, to key chains, jewelry, and Christmas decorations there is a lot of cuteness to choose from.

And, each of the patterns gives you a fun little item you can pass along as a “just because” gift to brighten someone’s day!

They are quick little projects that will come in handy when the weather is bad outside and you want something to bust the boredom on the inside!

20 Adorable MicroCrochet Patterns

You won't be able to resist these adorable MicroCrochet patterns! They are so cute and come with step by step instructions. From cute animals to dolls, to keychains, flowers, and jewery there is something for everyone in this collection!

Save the MicroCrochet patterns for later by pinning the image below:

20 Adorable MicroCrochet Patterns
Diane Holland

4 thoughts on “20 Adorable MicroCrochet Patterns that are Simple and Easy”

  1. love these micro amigurumis. How did you make them so small? tweezers,a hook and a magnifying glass?
    The smallest I’ve made I used a 0.75mm hook and 2 pieces of sewing thread and that was hard enough!

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