30 Beautiful Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns You Must See!

If you are looking for beautiful crochet baby blanket patterns to work from, you simply must take a look at these.

These soft crochet baby blankets are not only amazingly beautiful but the patterns are super easy to follow.

Most are easy enough for beginners with a few intermediate level ones thrown in. However, I am sure everyone will fall in love with the beautiful blankets and want to give them a try for their little one!

These cute crochet baby blankets would also make fabulous baby shower gifts for family and friends.

So, let’s take a look at these delightful baby blankets!

30 Beautiful Baby Blanket Patterns

You are going to love this collection of easy yet beautiful crochet baby blankets. Each of the blanket patterns are oh so cute, easy to follow, and will have you dreaming of sweet babies and cloud soft blankies!

Save these adorable crochet baby blanket patterns for later by pinning the image below:

30 Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns
Diane Holland

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    • The pattern is over on the Lion Brand Yarn website and it seems that their site isn’t working right now. They’ve got a good website so I’m sure it’s just temporary. I’d check back in a bit! Sorry you’re dealing with that.

  1. I’m trying to find the pattern for your green baby blanket shown above and I can’t locate it. I really love this pattern and I’m sort of a beginner but I think I could do it. Can you forward me a link to the pattern or tell me how I could locate it? Thank you so much. And the blanket and hat are precious. Can’t wait to try these!!
    can you calll me so i can got the number so i can call you

  2. I make dozens of crocheted blankets for our local Linus Project. We had sort today and the lady who hosts the sort each month rejected my crocheted blankets. I don’t understand why she thinks they are not appropriate. I also don’t know why she thinks her opinion of my work entitles her to reject it. Do any of you know of specific standards that are required by the “official” Project Linus?

    • That’s very sad to hear. Here is what I found on the Project Linus website, which might be different for your local chapter:

      “Our chapter coordinators accept NEW, HANDMADE, WASHABLE, blankets and afghans for giving to children ages 0-18 years. Project Linus blankets are not donated to adults. As a national policy we accept all sizes and styles, although some chapters may have more narrow requirements based on the needs of the facilities to which they donate. Project Linus has a non-smoking policy for chapter coordinators. Coordinators must be non-smokers and live and store blankets in a smoke free environment. Project Linus blankets must be of excellent quality and free from contaminants. Special care should be taken to ensure that blankets are free of smoky smells or any chemicals which could cause problems for a child. Ensure that blankets are free of pet or animal hair. Hospitals will not accept these blankets, and they will most likely be discarded. Recent studies show that laundering these blankets does not remove contamination, and in some cases can even make it worse. Always check blankets carefully for pins, and remove any embellishments such as buttons that could be swallowed.”

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