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  • 40 Crochet Patterns: Discover Easy and Creative Designs for Every Occasion

    40 Crochet Patterns: Discover Easy and Creative Designs for Every Occasion

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    Hello fellow crochet lovers! Delve into the charming world of yarn and hooks with us, as we, two moms completely smitten by the craft, share a treasure trove of 40 exciting and beginner friendly crochet patterns. From the whimsically eerie  Kraken to the absolutely adorable Chubby Penguin and Crocheted Puppy, we promise a delightful journey…

  • Glossary of Crochet Stitches

    Glossary of Crochet Stitches

    Last Updated:

    When you first learn how to crochet, there will be a few basic stitches that you will frequently use. You can create crochet projects of every shape and size using just these basic stitches. If you are more adventurous, though, you will go on to learn a variety of advanced stitches, most of which are…

  • How to Crochet: Everything you need to know

    How to Crochet: Everything you need to know

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  • Where To Donate Your Handmade Crochet Items: 9 Places To Check Out

    Where To Donate Your Handmade Crochet Items: 9 Places To Check Out

    Last Updated:

    One of the greatest joys of crochet is that you can use your hands and minimal materials to make gifts that make others smile. When you crochet for charity, you may be helping to save or significantly improve someone’s life. But where should you donate your handmade crochet items? Here are some of our favorite…

  • 35+ Crochet Baby Blankets to Inspire Your Crafting

    35+ Crochet Baby Blankets to Inspire Your Crafting

    Last Updated:

    It's so wonderful to crochet baby blankets. You can play with any number of combinations of stitches and colors. You can gift them to friends, donate them to charity or use them as small lapghans in your own home. Today's roundup shares a variety of crochet baby blankets to inspire you to make your own!

  • 7 Ways To Modify a Crochet Pattern – Our Helpful Guide

    7 Ways To Modify a Crochet Pattern – Our Helpful Guide

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    One of the best things about crochet as an art form is that you can start off with a pattern, and with subtle changes create an end product that is uniquely your own. Crochet is such a versatile craft, and I love that it offers me a chance to be creative without having to start…

Crochet Inspiration

  • Kate Jenkins Crochet Art

    Kate Jenkins Crochet Art: Exploring an Edible World

    Last Updated:

    UK knitwear designer and crochet artist Kate Jenkins has created several full installations of crochet food, including a cafe and a dinner party. She also has a home/fashion line and designed the decor for a hotel room. About Crochet Artist Kate Jenkins Kate Jenkins was a UK knitwear designer who sold beautiful knit designs to…

  • best crochet tiktok accounts

    Best Crochet TikTok Accounts to Inspire and Delight You

    Whether you like high-end luxury fashion, fidget toys and stuffed animals, cute and quick projects, or just a little of everything, we’ve got some amazing creators who are showing us the creativity they put into their crochet every day. CrochetTok is filled with so many truly talented people who are out there making incredible pieces…

  • Best Beginner Crochet Kit

    5 Best Beginner Crochet Kits: Getting Started Made Easy

    Crochet is a beloved craft that has been around for centuries. A relaxing and meditative hobby, crochet is an art form that allows you to create beautiful and functional items with just a hook and some yarn. If you’re new to crochet, the first step is to find the best beginner crochet kit to get…

  • 20 Beautiful Crochet Umbrellas and Patterns

    20 Beautiful Crochet Umbrellas and Patterns You Will Love!

    Last Updated:

    You are going to fall in love with these beautiful crochet umbrellas. And, if you are of a notion, we have fun easy umbrella patterns to make your own too! There is something about a crochet lace umbrella or parasol that screams “romantic”, making these umbrellas perfect for weddings and photographs. These beautiful umbrellas are…

  • 23 Beautiful Crochet Swimsuits

    23 Most Beautiful Crochet Swimsuits that are Stylish and Fun

    Last Updated:

    Crochet swimsuits are making a huge splash! Not only are they beautiful but they are also unique and fun! From teeny tiny bikinis to boy shorts and one-piece suits, you have to admit they are stylish! In this collection, we have gathered a few of our very favorites that we want to share with you.…

  • 15 Beautiful Crochet Wedding Favors

    15 Beautiful Crochet Wedding Favors for Your Wedding Guests

    Last Updated:

    When it comes to wedding favors, you want them to be beautiful, unique, and thoughtful. What can be better than gorgeous handmade crochet wedding favors?! In this collection, we are featuring a few of our very favorites. These beautiful wedding favors are perfect for not only your bridal party, but also your wedding guests. It’s…

Crochet Tutorials

  • How To Make Crochet Heart

    How To Make a Crochet Heart – An Easy, Step-by-Step Guide

    Last Updated:

    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, my thoughts always turn to how I can make extra special Valentine’s Day gifts for my loved ones! When I used to be a classroom teacher, I would whip up a few of these super cute and fluffy heart plushies for the students in my homeroom class. I…

  • Christmas Crochet Patterns

    12 Free Christmas Crochet Patterns – Creative Projects

    Last Updated:

    For the twelve days leading up to Christmas 2022, I created a “Twelve Days of Crochet” advent calendar. Each holiday season project was geared to be able to complete in a few hours, so they’re really friendly patterns for beginners, and all were festive themed so they can be used as handmade gifts or decorations!…

  • woobles crochet kit

    Woobles Crochet Kit Review – We Check Out the Pros and the Cons

    Last Updated:

    Twenty-two or so years ago, I remember picking up my first crochet hook – it was actually my mother’s. I recall watching her clumsily make granny squares and blankets one year for Christmas gifts, and had even helped her pick out a pretty variegated yarn for my Christmas blanket. I loved watching the hook twirl…

  • Mini Pom Pom Hat Crochet Pattern

    Mini Pom-Pom Hat Crochet Pattern: Free Festive Crafting!

    Last Updated:

    We’ve made it to the last day of our Twelve Days of Christmas Crochet! Thanks for sticking with us through it all – be sure to check out all of the previous makes if you haven’t been working along with us throughout the last 12 days. Our last project is a mini pom-pom hat! This…

  • Christmas snowflake globe ornament free crochet pattern

    Christmas Snowflake Globe Ornament: Free Crochet Pattern

    Last Updated:

    Hello everyone! Thanks for joining in on our Twelve Days of Christmas Crochet. We’re on Day Three of our holiday crochet countdown and today’s make is a crochet globe ornament with a pretty snowflake embroidery pattern! If you’ve tuned in to previous days, you may recognize the snowflake motif, as it’s the same one used…

  • Christmas Star Crochet Pattern

    Free Christmas Star Crochet Pattern: Festive Crafting!

    Last Updated:

    Welcome to Day Four of our Twelve Days of Christmas Crochet countdown! Today, our make is a pretty six-pointed star. You can whip up a whole batch and string them as a garland, add them to your tree, or affix them to the top of presents! They work up incredibly quickly. Materials Required Today’s make…

Crochet Patterns


    11 Ocean Waves Crochet Patterns: Bring the Sea Home with Your Artistry

    Ahoy, crochet connoisseurs! We, a crafty duo of moms, are excited to cast off and navigate you through a curated tide of 11 Ocean Waves Crochet Patterns, ready to infuse your domicile with the serene allure of the sea. Set sail into this crafting voyage and let these aquatic inspirations wash a wave of creativity…


    12 Chicken Nugget Crochet Patterns: Fun and Easy Projects for Foodies

    Greetings to all yarn enthusiasts who share our passion for both satisfying bites and snug stitches! Dive into our curated collection of 12 must-try crochet designs inspired by everyone’s favorite crumb-coated morsels, perfect for enhancing your handmade repertoire with a touch of whimsy. Crochet Your Own Chicken Nugget Pattern If you’re looking for a cute…


    24 Small Purse Crochet Patterns: Chic & Portable Designs for Every Crocheter

    Hello fellow crochet lovers! We’re two moms who have turned our passion for crochet into a delightful collection of purse patterns that are as chic as they are portable. From the classic Granny Square Zipper Pouch to the playful Boho Mini Tote for Girls, and not forgetting the versatile Small Backpack / Purse, we can’t…


    9 National Park Crochet Patterns: Capture America’s Beauty with Yarn

    Hello fellow crochet lovers, it’s us, your favorite yarn-loving duo! We’re so excited to share with you our latest adventure in stitches – capturing the breathtaking beauty of America’s National Parks through crochet. From the Park Ranger uniform to the serene Beach Walk Blanket, and even the majestic Sholach Overlay Mosaic Christmas Tree, we have…

  • 40 Magikarp Hat Crochet Patterns: Unleash Your Creativity Today!

    17 Magikarp Hat Crochet Patterns: Unleash Your Creativity Today!

    Last Updated:

    Hello fellow crochet enthusiasts and artful yarn benders! As two moms who absolutely adore crocheting, we’re thrilled to share our latest find: a treasure trove of 17 Magikarp Hat Crochet Patterns, giving a whimsical twist to our favorite pastime. From the adorable Crafty Magikarp Amigurumi Pattern to the fierce Pokemon Gyarados Crochet Amigurumi Pattern, and…

  • 70s Crochet Pattern

    40 70s Crochet Patterns: Rediscover the Charm of Vintage Crafts!

    Last Updated:

    Hello crochet aficionados and retro fashion fans! We’re ecstatic to share with you 40 groovy crochet patterns straight from the vibrant vibes of the 70s, each one offering a timeless appeal that will add a touch of nostalgia to your modern wardrobe. Prepare your hooks for a journey through iconic styles and textures that celebrate…