35+ Crochet Baby Blankets to Inspire Your Crafting

It’s so wonderful to crochet baby blankets. You can play with any number of combinations of stitches and colors. You can gift them to friends, donate them to charity or use them as small lapghans in your own home. Today’s roundup shares a variety of crochet baby blankets to inspire you to make your own! If you see an @name under the photo, you can find the maker on Instagram.

Looking for baby blanket crochet patterns? The 15 most popular crochet baby blanket patterns are here.

nesimerciger crochet baby blanket

Beautiful crochet baby blanket by @nesimerciger

make_the_nest crochet baby blanket

Large crochet granny blankets are perfect for babies. This one was shared by @make_the_nest.

lou.teacrochet crochet baby blanket

Another variation of the baby granny from @lou.teacrochet

hanrosieg crochet blanket new baby

Baby’s first crochet blanket from @hanrosieg

thatgirlwhocrochets crochet rainbow baby blanket for charity

Thatgirlwhocrochets donated baby blankets to charity (both above and below).

thatgirlwhocrochets crochet baby blankets

marretjeroos crochet baby blanket

Texture makes this single-colored crochet baby blanket so interesting! By marretjeroos.

holly_pips crochet lace baby blanket etsy pattern

Here’s some more crochet texture that’s on its way to becoming a baby blanket. By holly_pips.

love2loop crochet angle baby blanket

@love2loop shows how little crochet granny squares can make a great baby blanket too!

forestflowerdesigns crochet baby blanket

Crochet ripple baby blanket from @forestflowerdesigns

cozamundo crochet blanket baby

Lacy crochet baby blanket by @cozamundo

chunky crochet baby blanketChunky crochet baby blanket from Peanut Tree Designs

redrocker9 double strand crochet baby blanket

Multi-strand crochet baby blanket by @redrocker9

ricepuddingbaby crochet blankets

Colorful squares crochet baby blanket from @ricepuddingbaby

peeka_bo_crochet crochet baby blanket

Rainbow stripes crochet baby blanket from @peeka_bo_crochet

rachconcan crochet baby blanketThis one is from @rachconcan

stelcrochet crochet baby blanket

A beautiful blue crochet baby blanket from stelcrochet

audra_hooknowl crochet baby blanket

And one in white from @audra_hooknowl

yarnhook crochet baby blanket

Chunky soft goodness from @yarnhook

samyaun crochet baby blanket

Ripple star crochet baby blanket from @samyaun


Ripple crochet baby blanket from @ricepuddingbaby who also made the whole stack of blankets below


crochet blanket

My own yellow granny square crochet baby blanket

tunisian blanket

Tunisian Crochet Baby Blanket by Sharon Silverman, just one pattern in her book of them!

holly_pips crochet sock monkey blanket

Sock monkey crochet blanket from @holly_pips

raimarie16 crochet ripple turtle blanket

Ripple blanket with appliqués from @raimarie16

inspiringcrochet crochet play blanket

Crochet blanket blanket from @inspiringcrochet

cozamundo crochet moss stitch blanket

Moss stitch crochet blanket from @cozamundo

stitchgwen crochet fox pixel blanket

Crochet fox blanket by @stitchgwen

holly_pips crochet deer blanket

Crochet deer blanket by @holly_pips

hanrosieg crochet squares blanket

Another terrific baby blanket from @hanrosieg

libbycraft crochet blanket and bunnies

@libbycraft made all of the adorableness you see here

audra_hooknowl crochet minnie mouse blanket

Minne Mouse inspired crochet blanket from @audra_hooknowl

littlecosythings crochet owl blanket

Crochet owl blanket by @littlecosythings


Pink crochet baby blanket by @valerieburns

nickymirandacrochet crochet for baby

Crochet baby blankets from @nickymirandacrochet

_nessbombaert_ crochet owl baby set

Crochet baby blanket set from @_nessbombaert_

mctoula crochet baby blanket

@mctoula crafted this lovely pastel crochet baby blanket

mlissabethgr crochet baby blanket

Crochet baby blanket in the works from @mlissabethgr – beautiful colorful striping in soft but bright hues!

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