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I recently did a roundup of chevron crochet patterns and inspiration. One great variation on this pattern is the popular star-shaped ripple blanket. Here is a roundup of crochet patterns and photo inspiration for these chevron star blankets.

Crochet Ripple Star Blanket Patterns

crochet ripple blanket

Rippling Shells crochet blanket free pattern from Dly’s Hooks and Yarns

stained glass ripple crochet

SmoothFox sells this crochet pattern for a stained glass round ripple (6-24 points); previously published in my roundup of 20 crochet patterns inspired by stained glass

round ripple

Round ripple blanket free crochet pattern by Michelle Rhodes

crochet ripple blanket

This free crochet baby blanket pattern is offered as a Ravelry downoad by Celeste Young.

stars crochet blanket pattern

Stars crochet baby blanket free pattern from Inner Child Crochet

crochet star blanket

Red, white and blue crochet star blanket free pattern from Heartfelt Angels

crochet star blanket free pattern

Crochet star blanket free pattern from A Whole Load of Craft

Chevron Crochet Star Blanket Photos

These crochet inspiration photos come from Instagram unless otherwise noted:

cozamundo rainbow ripple star crochet blanket

Rainbow ripple crochet star blanket from cozamundo

cozamundo crochet star ripple

A second crochet star blanket also from cozamundo who does a great job with this pattern!

_nessbombaert crochet ripple star

Chevron star blanket from _nessbombaert_

pinklimecrafts crochet ripples

Rainbow crochet ripple blanket from pinklimecrafts

debi crochet blanket ripple

Crochet ripple blanket from debi_y

valerieburns crochet ripple blanket award

Rainbow crochet ripple blanket from valerieburns; this account currently seems to be inactive under this name

cuteashook ripple crochet

Star ripple crochet blanket from cuteashook

cuteashook crochet ripples

A second star ripple blanket from cuteashook

xtinerat crochet star blanket

Crochet star blanket WIP from xtinerat

lou.tacrochet crochet star blanket

Crochet star blanket from lou.teacrochet

sweet_sharna crochet star

Crochet ripple star blanket from sweet_sharna

thegirllovesyarn crochet star blanket

Crochet star blanket from thegirllovesyarn

mlissabethgr crochet star blanket

Crochet star blanket from mlissabethgr

foxyloxy69 crochet star

Crochet ripple star from foxyloxy69

make_the_nest crochet star blanket

Crochet chevron star blanket from make_the_nest

littlecosythings crochet star blanket

Colorful crochet star from littlecosythings

crochet star blanket

Crochet star blanket from polly_pet

holly_pips crochet star blanket

Blue crochet star blanket from holly_pips

missmotherhook crochet ripple blanket

Colorful ripple star blanket from missmotherhook


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  5. Love your patterns. And knitting and crocheting are very relaxing for me

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