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Welcome to another easy peasy crochet project.  Doable for beginners using a chain and single crochet stitch.

Do you remember when crochet covered “everything” of the years gone by? There were toilet paper roll covers, tissue box covers, and you can still find kitchen towels with crocheted tops that button onto your kitchen range handle.

Fast forward to today for these updated crochet “cover-up” projects I made for myself instead of purchasing.  I guess that’s what crafting is about for me, the joy of creating both beautiful as well as useful things.

So to begin, choose your yarn or thread!  Choosing the color and texture of the yarn may be my favorite part of any crochet project.   In this case, I did what I most often do, I went straight to my stash.  This doesn’t take a lot of yarn, so it’s a great project for using up scrap!  Select a crochet hook suitable to your yarn size, you’ll need a button, scissors and darning needle.  Have your reader nearby for sizing and fit.   Also, handy to have nearby, is a tasty snack; chocolate is a favorite crochet companion of mine, ? what’s yours?

To Start:  Make a crochet chain the width or height of your reader plus one chain.  Whichever direction you work your crochet add an extra 2” of crocheted rows for the closure flap.  Now, turn and single crochet in the 2nd chain from your hook.  Continue to the end of the chain, crocheting a single crochet in each chain.  Chain one, turn and single crochet across.  Continue until your work covers the front and the back of your reader.Pic 1

For a secure flap and closure, I’ve given examples of a button-hole and loop closure options.

For a buttonhole closure (see the green Kindle cover photo below).  The buttonhole will be worked in the center of the flap, near the end of the project.

  • Start your crochet row as usual. In the center of the row begin your buttonhole “gap”.  Skip the center three single crochet stitches in that row.  Chain 4 stitches.  Attach your chain in the 4th single crochet from your last single crochet that you did.  You’ve just replaced the 3 single crochets with a chain, leaving a gap for your button.
  • Continue single crochets to the end of the row. Turn and crochet across to the “gap”.  Work 3 single crochets into the chain space.  And then single crochet in each single crochet to the end of the row.
  • Continue now as usual until your flap is long enough to fold over. Attach your button so it fits into your “buttonhole”.
  • Turn your work with right sides together and stitch up both sides using your crochet hook to slip stitch or single crochet stitches up both sides or a darning needle. Be sure to leave the extra 2” flap loose. Slide in your reader and button it up safe inside.  Done!

To create a “loop” closure, work your last single crochet row to the center.  Now, crochet about 4 chains (the number will depend on your button size).

  • Slip stitch back into the next crochet stitch and single crochet across to the end of the row. The loop is your buttonhole.  Slide your reader in and fold over the flap.
  • Attach your button where the loop will slide easily but secure over the button. Remove your reader.
  • Turn your work and with right sides together, use a slip stitch up both sides with your crochet hook or sew the two sides together using a large darning needle. Be sure to leave the 2” of flap free.  Slide in your reader, button it in safe & secure.  Done!Pic 2

Extra Credit; (this may require an extra bite of chocolate).  Make a “Pointed Flap” (like the lime green holder above); Create a cover as instructed above, but when you have 4 rows remaining of the flap area, start creating a point by decreasing your stitches.  Single crochet across within one stitch to the end.  Turn and single crochet across to the other edge, stopping within one stitch of the end.  Turn and continue this pattern.   Decreasing by one stitch on each row.  To finish off the pointed flap, slip stitch around the point in each stitch to the other side.  Finish off and tuck in your thread.

And, if you’re feeling brave, you can use crochet thread and a filet stitch (double crochets and chain stitches) to add your initials.  (this might take a few more nibbles of chocolate to get you through to completion, but well worth the effort!)  I was brave, twice.  One I started in white and one in this gorgeous blue.  The white remained unfinished, because I found that Beautiful Blue Thread! ?  (I confess, I have a few projects laying around that need to be completed ?)

Pic 3

In addition to my reader-cover, I also worked up a hand-strap for my reader (below), and a few covers for my Swiffer mop (again, rather then purchase disposable covers).  The crochet mop covers are a great way to use up scrap yarn, they are durable and wash up great, no waste.

Pic 4

Have fun and please post your comments, ideas and project photos.  c

Cathy Vanderflute

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