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Each week there are more than 100 photos that people choose to share with the Crochet Concupiscence community through tags on Instagram. Here is an inspirational roundup showing what people are crafting. Learn how to join in on Sunday’s Instagram Crochet posts here.


I do this as a way to help connect the crochet community, provide a platform for showcasing the amazing work that people are doing and highlight some of the current crochet trends. It takes me several hours each week to compile these posts. If you like them, you can support Crochet Concupiscence by becoming a sponsor, which also puts your ad in front of more than a quarter million people monthly.

Here are this week’s awesome shares:

Featured Crochet Item

The single most outstanding crochet photo submission this week was from raimarie16. I love the way that the Homespun crochet blanket is shown in two different ways in the same photo here:

raimarie16 crochet ripple blanket

Featured Crochet Instagrammer

stelcrochet instagram crochet

This week’s featured crochet Instagrammer is Christelle AKA stelcrochet who has been crocheting since 2011. I originally know her from her lovely blog Haak-en-stekie. Her Instagram feed showcases the lovely variety of her crochet work – from lacy cotton and wire work to colorful motif-based projects and everything in between. I love that she also shows us terrific shots of her yarn before it’s used. You’ll also find a nice assortment of life photos – food, nature, books and the occasional random fun find from a day’s adventures. Christelle is SistahStel on Ravelry and has a Facebook group called Ons Hekel. Here are the photos stelcrochet shared with us this week (plus one more down below in the “pets with crochet” category!)

stelcrochet crochet doilies stelcrochet crochet flower art stelcrochet yarn stelcrochet yarn 2

Crochet Collages / Stacks ‘o Crochet

It’s the end of the month and that means people are sharing some beautiful collages of their makes from February. There were also a couple of great single images showing stacks of crochet work that I thought I’d include in this section as well.

sweet_sharna stack of crochet cushions

cushions by sweet_sharna

sweet_sharna crochet cushions

missmotherhook crochet blankets

crochet blankets by missmotherhook

hanrosieg crochet collage


ektelykke crochet collage


sweet_sharna crochet collage


hookybren crochet collage


marretjeroos crochet collage


Crochet Bunting

People seem to be enjoying crochet bunting / garlands lately:

auline.c.morgan crochet bunny bunting

crochet bunny bunting from pauline.c.morgan

atnanasknee crochet rainbow bunting

rainbow bunting (above) and Frozen-inspired bunting (below) from atnanasknee

atnanasknee crochet garlands

littlefoxcrochet crochet bunting

littlefoxcrochet (above and below)

littlefoxcrochet watermelon bunting

missmotherhook crochet bunting

name bunting from missmotherhook

Crochet Booties

Little crochet booties popped up all over Instagram this week:

lisesolvang crochet booties

from lisesolvang

gigididthis crocodile stitch crochet boots

from gigididthis

dojocrochet crochet bootie

from dojocrochet (above and below)

dojocrochet crochet booties

crochetzoneblog crochet boots

adorable little crochet booties from crochetzoneblog

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet shoe

this is the shoe on a monkey crochet blanket by crochetingthruchronicdiseases

Springtime / Easter Crochet

littlefoxcrochet easter crochet

littlefoxcrochet sets the tone for this category for us!

byhaafner crochet spring

springtime flower crochet hangers from byhaafner (free pattern here)

forestflowerdesigns crochet daffodil

crochet daffodils from forestflowerdesigns

lyndapc crochet flowers

springtime crochet flowers from lyndapc

mamma_made_that crochet bunnies

mamma_made_that crochet bunnies

marretjeroos crochet nina turtle egg cozy

marretjeroos ninja turtle crochet egg cozy

patternpiper crochet flower

crochet flower from patternpiper

patternparadise crochet st patrick hat

St. Patrick’s Day crochet hat from patternparadise

silvery_cloud crochet daffodils

crochet daffodils from silvery_cloud

Pets with Crochet!

I always love pictures of crochet with kitties and puppies in them :) Here are some shared this week:

stelcrochet kitty on crochet granny squares

From featured Instagrammer stelcrochet (love this shot! If she hadn’t already been the featured IG, this would have been the featured image!)

thatgirlwhocrochets crochet puppy

puppy and colorful crochet from thatgirlwhocrochets

madwhimsy kitty crochet

kitty sleeping by crochet WIP from madwhimsy

anastaciaknits crochet kitty

Apparently kitties like to sleep with crochet :) This one is from anastaciaknits

And More

V-stitch and granny square crochet from _lara_x:

_lara_x crochet vstitch _lara_x crochet vstitch colorful _lara_x crochet granny square

Crochet flowers from aglaelaser:

aglaelaser crochet flowers

Crochet granny squares from anastaciaknits:

anastaciknits crochet granny square blanket

Chevron granny crochet from annesurr:

annesurr chevron crochet

Crochet scarf from bejes:

bejes crochet tunisian scarf

Crocheting by carmenspecchio:

carmenspecchio crochet

Colorful crochet square from caswelljones:

caswelljones colorful crochet square

Crochet square from chablamab:

chablamab crochet square

Colorful crochet from cherrymklimbim:

cherrymklimbim colorful crochet

Crochet cowl from classybird28:

classybird28 crochet cowl

Solid crochet work from cozamundo:

cozamundo crochet moss stitch blanket cozamundo crochet yellow

Crochet monkey blanket, shawl and gift of stars from crochetingthruchronicdiseases:

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet monkey blanket crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet shawl crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet stars

Crochet hooks in the works from cuddlebugkids:

cuddlebugkids crochet hooks

Crochet hexies by cuteashook:

cuteashook crochet hexies

Crochet from daniellajoe:

daniellajoe crochet bowl

Crochet from dawnlangley74:

dawnlangley74 crochet

Crochet cushion covers from dojocrochet:

dojocrochet crochet cushion covers

Crochet flower and hearts from ektelykke:

ektelykke crochet flower ektelykke crochet heart

Terrific crochet bag, scrappy cushion and flower button detail from elisabethandree:

elisabethandree crochet bag elisabethandree crochet cushion elisabethandree crochet pillow button

Crochet granny square and ripple work from forestflowerdesigns:

forestflowerdesigns crochet granny square forestflowerdesigns crochet ripple

Crochet blanket from franloveswool:

franloveswool crochet blanket granny

Crochet mobile and snails by crochet mobile crochet smails

Tunisian crochet from gigididthis:

gigididthis tunisian crochet gigididthis crochet tunisian blanket gigididthis yarn ends

Crochet granny stripe blanket from gooseberryfool:

gooseberryfool crochet granny stripe blanket

Crochet mandala and teddy bear from hanrosieg:

hanrosieg crochet mandala hanrosieg crochet teddy bear

Crochet edging on knit blanket and crochet granny ripple from hayleyarious:

hayleyarious crochet edging on knit blanket hayleyarious crochet granny ripple

Handmade crochet tag from heartmadebeanies:

heartmadebeanies crochet hat tag

Crochet blanket and sock from holly_pips, one featuring one of my favorite crochet books, Edie Eckman’s Around the Corner Crochet Borders.

holly_pips crochet blanket and book holly_pips crochet blanket square holly_pips crochet sock

Crochet cotton shirt from hookybren:

hookybren crochet cotton shirt

Crochet striped blanket from jenjendb:

jenjendb crochet striped blanket

Crochet squares and boot cuffs from joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits:

joyfulfaxcrochets.and.knits crochet squares joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits crochet boot cuffs

Crochet basket and scarf from jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy:

jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crochet t-shirt yarn basket jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy crocht cotton scarf

Crochet hat from kmdcrochet:

kmdcrochet crochet hat

Crochet moose art from lisesolvang, which reminds me a bit of taxidermy crochet.

lisesolvang moose yarn art

Crochet freeform and granny squares from little_v_and_me:

little_v_and_me crochet freeform little_v_and_me crochet granny squares

Crochet fox, giraffe and gnome from littlecosythings:

littlecosythings crochet fox littlecosythings crochet giraffe littlecosythings crochet gonme

Crochet ice cream cones and room decor from littlefoxcrochet:

littlefoxcrochet crochet ice cream cones littlefoxcrochet room of crochet

Crochet hat, slippers and circles from lou.teacrochet:

lou.teacrochet crochet hat lou.teacrochet crochet slippers lout.teacrochet crochet circles

Beautiful crochet thread, wedding crochet and other crochet work from louloudeane:

louloudeane crochet thread louloudeane crochet louloudeane crochet buttons heart louloudeane crochet flower louloudeane crochet heart louloudeane crochet scarf louloudeane crochet scarves

BLO crochet and crochet hat and cowl selfie from madwhimsy:

madwhimsy crochet blo madwhimsy crochet hat and cowl

Crochet blankets from mamma_made_that:

mamma_made_that crochet blankets

Crochet rainbow squares from mariwish:

mariwish crochet rainbow squares

Crochet flower bag, granny poncho, shawls from marretjeroos:

marretjeroos crochet flower bag marretjeroos crochet granny poncho marretjeroos crochet shawl marretjeroos crochet shawl wip

Crochet bow and granny square work from missmotherhook:

missmotherhook crochet bow missmotherhook crochet granny square bag missmotherhook crochet granny square cushion missmotherhook crochet square cushion

Crochet baby sets from mlissabethgr:

mlissabethgr crochet premie mlissabethgr crochet set mlissabethgr crochet doll

Crochet dino hat from mumtothreelittlemonkeys:

mumtothreelittlemonkeys crochet dino hat

Crochet blanket from mygurumi:

mygurumi crochet blanket

Crochet rodent from oakherder:

oakherder crochet mouse

Crochet blanket, hat and minnie mouse set from onaturbokick88:

onaturbokick88 crochet blanket onaturbokick88 crochet hat onaturbokick88 crochet minnie mouse set

Crochet flowers from pauline.c.morgan:

pauline.c.morgan crochet flowers

Crochet ripple blanket from peeka_bo_crochet:

peeka_bo_crochet ripple crochet blanket

Crochet from pontocruzecompanhia:

pontocruzecompanhia crochet

Crochet squares from queen_babs. Also, I’d strongly encourage you to go through her feed and read her recent updates because they are very powerful and touching especially in relation to crochet health!

queen_babs crochet squares

Homespun crochet from raimarie16:

raimarie16 crochet homespun

Crochet with typewriter (another great shot!) from rawrustic:

rawrustic crochet typewriter

Crochet bag from silvery_cloud:

silvery_cloud crochet bag

CAL crochet blanket almost finished from stephaniedavies:

stephaniedavies crochet blanket stephaniedavies crochet blankets

Crochet coasters, scrunchy, and whale from stitchyimpressions:

stitchyimpressions crochet coasters stitchyimpressions crochet scrunchie stitchyimpressions crochet whale

Crochet squares, star and sunglasses case from sweet_sharna:

sweet_sharna crochet flower granny squares sweet_sharna crochet squares sweet_sharna crochet star sweet_sharna sunglasses case crochet

Colorful crochet teaching from teaandcrafting:

teaandcrafting crochet granny square teaandcrafting crochet colors

Crochet triangles blanket from thatgirlwhocrochets:

thatgirlwhocrochets crochet squares thatgirlwhocrochets crochet triangles blanket

Crochet flowers and skull from vaynilla_love:

vaynilla_love crochet flower skull

Crochet flower squares from woolyana:

woolyana crochet flower granny squares

My Crochet On Instagram

broomstick lace crochet

Broomstick lace and tall stitches crochet scarf (made for a friend)

bulky granny

double-stranded bulky crochet granny square

bulky granny

crochet flower

Crochet pillow with flower

crochet hat

Crochet hat using pattern from Vintage Crochet Hats and Accessories

crochet patchwork blanket

Adding maroon border to random crochet WIPs to make patchwork blanket

crochet post stitch blanket

post stitch crochet blanket

crocodile stitch crochet

crocodile crochet infinity scarf free pattern

crocodile stitch crochet red crocodile stitch scarf macrame

macrame play with rick rack and yarn

macrame 2 puppy crochet blanket

Lucy under a crochet blanket after a big day of serving as a pet therapy dog at a transitional living house

Not all of the tagged photos from the week make it into the roundup post. For example, any accounts set to private don’t show up here, and when a lot of photos of the same item are shared there may be only one or two shown here. Take a look on Instagram at #crochetsavedmylife and #crochetconcupiscence to see all of the amazing contributions.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


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