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Sundays on this blog are usually when I do the massive Instagram roundup of the week using all of the photo that were tagged with #crochetsavedmylife or #crochetconcupiscence. However, for the month of June I’m taking a roundup break. I’m using that extra time to do some intensive book writing as well as to enjoy some vacationing with my little sister. The regular roundups will resume in July. However, each week in June I’m sharing the work of a featured Instagrammer who has contributed in the past. And I’m using my blog tool to share some of the latest contributions.

Featured Crochet Instagrammer

This week’s featured Instagrammer is lou.teacrochet of Tea, Crochet and Me. Lou describes herself on her blog as “A thirty something mummy, wife, tea drinker, craft lover, snot wiper, family organiser that’s me”. Her IG feed includes all of her crochet along with photos of other crafts, kids and various things from her life. Some of the things she’s shared with us in the past include:

lou.teacrochet crochet blanket love lou.teacrochet crochet dresses lou.teacrochet crochet cushion heart lou.teacrochet crochet bunny lou.teacrochet crochet blanket lou.teacrochet crochet bunnies lou.teacrochet crochet hat pom

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  1. Elisabeth Andree Reply

    What a wonderful crochet review of last days Instagram! And I love to see your pictures on IG too and those cute puppies! Enjoy your weekend!

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