tunisian crochetCrochet designer and author Sharon Silverman has teamed up with Leisure Arts to bring us a new crochet book filled with Tunisian Crochet baby blanket patterns.

About the Crochet Booklet

basketweave crochet baby blanket

The 32-page booklet has 8 patterns for blankets in a variety of Tunisian techniques. It is currently available in electronic form; the print copy should be available in late January. In addition to the book’s printed patterns there are also additional instructional videos available online; this is great to see for those people who learn best by video.

About the Crochet Patterns

tunisian blanket

There are eight different Tunisian crochet patterns in this book. I was familiar with the basic look of Tunisian crochet before this but had no idea that it could be used to make such a variety of different patterns including popular crochet stitch patterns like the basketweave stitch. Bobbles, cables and ripples are also all included in these patterns, each with a slightly different look from their traditional appearance since they are done in Tunisian crochet. What a great unique gift for the baby who already has a lot of handcrafted items from others!

About the Crochet Author

tunisian crochet

I’ve reviewed Sharon’s work before, including the time I spent a month crocheting through her Crochet Scarves books. What I love about her books is that there is always a theme to them and the items in the books are cohesive to that theme but each individual item is also unique from the others. She doesn’t repeat a lot of things in each book so you really get the most learning and pattern options possible when working through what she’s created. Sharon is a Pennsylvania-based crochet designer, a professional member of the CGOA, a design member of TNNA and an expert in Tunisian crochet.

The Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets eBook is available online through Leisure Arts.


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  1. BeverlyMilesMatheson Reply

    I love all of Sharon’s patterns. They are always so concise and complete — easy to follow. I love that she’s getting into the Tunisian world. A wonderful addition.

  2. CrochetBlogger Reply

    BeverlyMilesMatheson Thanks so much for sharing your support of her wonderful crochet work and her expansions in crochet!

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