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Sundays on Crochet Concupiscence are when we celebrate the best crochet on Instagram. Hopefully this massive roundup inspires you! Want a chance to be featured here? Join me on Instagram and tag your crochet related photos each week with #crochetconcupiscence or #crochetsavedmylife.

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Your Crochet on Instagram

Featured Instagrammer

This week’s featured Instagrammer is Briony of make_the_nest. Her IG bio tells us she is: “Mummy to a beautiful three year old, wife and craft lover. Follow me on a handmade journey of crafty living with a splash of everyday life too.” That’s exactly what you’ll find when you follow her feed where she has colorful, pastel-rich photos of impeccably-done crochet work, luscious looking food images, adorable kiddo pics and more. This week she shared with us a colorful crochet cowl that she did as a swap, a lovely crochet blanket and the cutest kitty crochet hat:

make_the_nest crochet cowl make_the_nest croche blanket border make_the_nest crochet cat hat make_the_nest crochet hat

New This Week

I’m always thrilled each week when new people join in the fun with their crochet-related tags. This week we’re welcoming a bunch of newcomers that I’m thrilled to have:

Anastaciaknits, who is not at all new to me or this blog but is new to the Instagram roundup. Her first photo is this year’s Alzheimer’s fundraiser crochet blanket.

anastaciaknits crochet alzheimer's afghan anastaciaknits crochet blanket squares anastaciaknits crochet cat anastaciaknits crochet colorblock anastaciaknits crochet scarf anastaciaknits crochet shawls

Anamelr01 shared adorable crochet hats:

anamelr01 crochet hat

Averywestrich shared hyperbolic crochet:

averywestrich hyperbolic crochet

Clairebearunwin shared a crochet Christmas stocking:

clairebearunwin crochet stockings

Foxyloxy69 shared a crochet christmas wreath, crochet hat and more:

foxyloxy69 christmas wreath crochet foxyloxy69 crochet hat with pom foxyloxy69 crochet motifs

Hookybren shared crochet blankets and a lovely crochet collage:

hookybren crochet blanket hookybren crochet blanket 2 hookybren crochet blankets hookybren crochet collage

littledaisyloves_uk shared a crochet blanket in the works:

littledaisyloves_uk crochet blanket yarn littledaisyloves_uk crochet motifs littledaisyloves_uk crochet motifs blanket

Lovely crochet cowl from livingskiescrochet:

livingskiescrochet crochet cowl

Terrific crochet blankets from poppyandbliss:

poppyandbliss colorful crochet blanket poppyandbliss colorful crochet blanket circles poppyandbliss colorful crochet blanket edgings poppyandbliss crochet hexies blanket

Susannemikalsen shared crochet-edged knit work:

susannemikalsen crochet edging

Crochet rug and more from yarn_in_a_barn:

yarn_in_a_barn crochet square yarn_in_a_barn crochet rug yarn_in_a_barn crochet project

Other Instagrammers:

And here are the contributions from the wonderful crocheters who have shared with us before. I am so thrilled that you continue to tag your work and share it with me and the readers every week!


above_rubys crochet black lamb hat above_rubys crochet blanket above_rubys crochet taxidermy


amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet cat keyring amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet cozies amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet elephant amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet elpehant amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet toy amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet toys amigurumi_pieceofcake crochet wips Audra_hooknowl:

audra_hooknowl amigurumi 2 zombie crochet audra_hooknowl amigurumi zombie crochet audra_hooknowl camo crochet audra_hooknowl chevron crochet audra_hooknowl crochet baby slippers audra_hooknowl crochet boots audra_hooknowl crochet chunky yarn audra_hooknowl crochet cowl audra_hooknowl crochet hat audra_hooknowl crochet miniie mouse blanket


bechancer crochet cowl bechancer crochet pumpkin bechancer filet crochet Bekajenkins:

bekajenkins crochet donal duck hat


bethshananne crochet handwarmers


caseyplusthree crochet elsa wig


caswelljones crochet fabirc squares caswelljones crochet hat Ceyhan65:

ceyhan colorful crochet squares ceyhan65 crochet collage Classybird28:

classybird28 crochet dinosaur hat


corazonalsol crochet blanket corazonalsol crochet blanket 2 corazonalsol crochet blanket 3 corazonalsol crochet blanket joining


cozamundo crochet ripple blanket

cozamundo crochet scarf


creszens_at_hk crochet purse


crochetingthruchronicdiseases little red riding hood crochet crochetingthruchronicdiseases little red riding hood crochet 2 crochetingthruchronicdiseases little red riding hood crochet 3


crochetinpasternoster crochet yarn crochetinpaternoster crochet basket crochetinpaternoster crochet baskets blue crochetinpaternoster crochet collage crochetinpaternoster crochet single basket crochetinpaternoster doily rug


cuteashook crochet cards cuteashook crochet poms cuteashook crochet snowman cuteashook crochet teapot cuteashook crochet winter teapot


designsbydohdoh crochet fox designsbydohdoh crochet fox 2


ektelykke crochet collage ektelykke crochet wristers ektelykke crochet wristwarmers


forestflowerdesigns crochet 2 amigurumi forestflowerdesigns crochet amigurumi forestflowerdesigns crochet granny square forestflowerdesigns crochet stashbusting


forever_autumn crochet hat


franloveswool autumn crochet franloveswool crochet squares franloveswool crochet squares 2


gigididthis crochet gigididthis crochet sweater gigididthis halloween crochet hook pumpkin gigididthis tunisian entrelac crochet


hanrosieg crochet hot water bottle hanrosieg crochet squares


heartmadebeanies crochet hat


holly_pips crochet cupcake holly_pips crochet wristwarmers


itsjustcrochet crochet frozen

itsjustcrochet crochet frozen costumes itsjustcrochet crochet hats itsjustcrochet crochet snowflake itsjustcrochet crochet sparkly hat itsjustcrochet joining crochet squares


lisesolvang yarnbomb


littlefoxcrochet christmas crochet littlefoxcrochet crochet banner littlefoxcrochet crochet snowflakes littlefoxcrochet holiday crochet


loucamp crochet dino hat loucamp crochet dino hat wip loucamp crochet textured hat loucamp crochet tops


missmotherhook colorful crochet motifs missmotherhook crochet hexies missmotherhook crochet mitten white wip missmotherhook crochet mittens white missmotherhook crochet slippers missmotherhook crochet slippers 2 missmotherhook crochet stitches


mobiusgirl crochet scarf mobiusgirl crochet squares


pattihaskins crochet dog


poppymaycrochet crochet hat poppymaycrochet crochet sandals poppymaycrochet crochet shrug


stehpaniedavies crochet mohair stephaniedavies cal crochet squares stephaniedavies colored crochet squares stephaniedavies crochet bicycle seat cover stephaniedavies crochet cal stephaniedavies crochet fuzzy stephaniedavies crochet project stephaniedavies crochet wips stephaniedavies crochet wrap


sweet_sharna_makes amigurumi crochet sweet_sharna_makes crochet blanket sweet_sharna_makes crochet bow sweet_sharna_makes crochet collage sweet_sharna_makes crochet cushion sweet_sharna_makes crochet hat sweet_sharna_makes crochet in molliemakes sweet_sharna_makes crochet mittens sweet_sharna_makes crochet mittens wip sweet_sharna_makes crochet motif sweet_sharna_makes crochet stool sweet_sharna_makes crochet white hat


the_yarn_artisan crochet baby owl the_yarn_artisan crochet elephant the_yarn_artisan crochet elephant 2 the_yarn_artisan crochet shoes


valerieburns crochet duck valerieburns crochet wip


woolyana crochet dishtowels woolyana halloween crochet


xtinerat crochet bunting xtinerat crochet cowl

My Crochet on Instagram

This week’s photos in my feed included the post stitch crochet blanket that I’m still working on, images from stitch tutorials that I did on thread crochet and ribbed seed stitch crochet, the Swiss Mountain Dog I was watching getting into my yarn and more. The last two images are from the Art to Wear book; the first is a crochet art coat from Sharron Hedges and the second is a crochet costume from Janet Lipkin.

yarn vintage yarn label thread crochet snowflake thread crochet guide thread crochet seed stitch crochet tutorial seed stitch crochet towels ribbed seed stitch puppy yarn post stitch crochet crochet stitch tutorials crochet infinity scarf crochet art coat sharron hedges crochet art coat janet lipkin

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