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Crochet Patterns: Our Favorites

One of the things that I do to celebrate crochet designers at all stages of their career as well as to offer something to the community of crafters is to curate collections of crochet patterns on a regular basis. Here is the roundup of those crochet pattern collections. I update this page approximately once per month but you can always review the latest crochet pattern posts here.

10000 crochet patterns

This is a great place to start!

Below you’ll find my roundups of miscellaneous free, then paid, crochet patterns. And below that you’ll see curated collections by theme such as crochet patterns for the home or crochet blanket patterns.

Free Crochet Patterns

Here you will find my roundups of miscellaneous collected free crochet patterns. I’ll start with image links to a few of the posts for those of you who are more visual and below you’ll find text links to all of the posts for free crochet patterns.

free crochet patterns

free crochet patterns

popular free crochet patterns

popular free crochet patterns

free vintage crochet patterns

Crochet Patterns to Purchase

crochet patterns for sale

70+ Best New 2015 Crochet Patterns to Purchase

Crochet Clothing Patterns

crochet clothing patterns

free crochet skirt patterns best crochet garment patterns

Crochet Patterns for Scarves, Shawls, Cowls and Wraps

crochet scarf and cowl patterns crochet scarf patterns crochet scarf patterns

Crochet Hat Patterns

best crochet hat patterns crochet hat patterns 2014

Crochet Patterns for Other Accessories

best crochet jewelry patterns best crochet accessories patterns crochet accessories patterns

Crochet Blanket Patterns

crochet blanket patterns crochet blanket patterns best crochet blanket patterns

Crochet Patterns for Kids

crochet baby patterns

Crochet Patterns for the Home

crochet patterns for home best home crochet patterns crochet home patterns crochet dishcloth patterns

crochet cordial coasters free patterns

Crochet Motif Patterns Including Squares, Flowers and Hearts

crochet square patterns crochet flower patterns crochet circle patterns crochet motif patterns crochet motif patterns

Holiday and Seasonal Crochet Patterns

crochet summer patterns

Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

amigurumi crochet patterns crochet animal patterns

Niche Techniques Crochet Patterns

And More Crochet Patterns

best crochet patterns

Crochet Inspiration with Some Patterns

(These posts are inspirational photo roundups that include some patterns but not every image will have a pattern.)

stained glass crochet

60 crochet rainbows

crocheted coin purses

crochet hemp ideas

crochet wedding veils

Plus 25 Places to Source Crochet Patterns (2011)


  1. Eve Taylor Reply

    Your patterns are amazing i am looking for the hummingbird pattern can you point me in the right direction please xxx

    • Kathryn Reply

      I’m not sure which pattern you are referring to but if you can send me a link or image of where you saw it then I’ll try to help.

  2. Rose Mary Futrell Reply

    Thank you so much for all the free crochet patterns! This is nice!

  3. Elaine Nims Reply

    I was wondering if you had the pattern for the Minnie blanket?

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  5. I’m looking for a scarf pattern it was popsicles and another one cupcakes. Do you have these patterns?


  6. Vivien Cooper Reply

    Your site is delightful and I am so pleased I found you. I can’t wait to start a project! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and also your time, it is much appreciated.

  7. This may be a long shot . In the 22 home crochet patterns collection is the Floral crochet coaster @ ChelseaNorquay . One of the coasters shown is a very pretty red purple color. I did not see any yarn shown details when I looked at the pattern page. I was hoping someone might recognize it.It reminds me of blackberry pie filling. So any ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks for all your work on the patterns and I also want to thank you for book as well.

    • Kathryn Reply

      Did you try contacting designer Chelsea Wales?

      <3 Thank you for your kind words <3

  8. Ive been searching for your pattern for the round crochet storage basket with handles (looks like leather) And cannot find it. It says the pattern is for sale. When clicked on the pic it doesnt come up. Just takes you to your website.In fact there are no baskets at all on your website.????? I am interested in purchasing.

  9. cathy young Reply

    I’m looking for the pattern for the texas hold ’em afghan. It would be perfect for my nephew’s birthday!

  10. Rhonda J Dallimonti Reply

    I love the #10 Large Stained Glass blanket but I can’t find the pattern. Could you help me please.

    Thanks :)

  11. HELP????????????? Trying to sign on to your newsletter and it keeps coming back no such page exists. I have a question. After seeing a little of what’s on this site – do you sleep?

    • Kathryn Reply

      Yikes, huge apologies about that. I’ve been meaning to update my newsletter info for months and kept forgetting. Just did it! My newsletter is now only available to people who support the site through Patreon, with donations as little as $1 per month. I send the newsletter out monthly, including exclusive content not posted elsewhere. I send additional rewards to people at higher funding levels. More info:

  12. LaRaine Spencer Reply

    I found a crocheted men’s hoodie on Pinterest and the link only enlarged the picture. I got this website from below the photo on Pinterest could you please help me locate it. The hoodie is gray, has a pocket on the front and a drawstring for the hood. Any help would be appreciated.
    LaRaine, [email protected] [email protected]

  13. Katti Wilcox Reply

    I found two giraffes made ino superheroes on pinterest. When i clicked on them, it brought me to your site. I would love to find that pathere as it would be perfect for each of my nephews. Any help in finding the pattern would be much appreciated.

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