15 Beautiful Crochet Wedding Favors for Your Wedding Guests

When it comes to wedding favors, you want them to be beautiful, unique, and thoughtful. What can be better than gorgeous handmade crochet wedding favors?!

In this collection, we are featuring a few of our very favorites.

These beautiful wedding favors are perfect for not only your bridal party, but also your wedding guests.

It’s not often you find wedding favors that encompasses thoughtfulness, uniqueness, and gorgeousness all in one!

You are sure to find just what you are looking for in this amazing collection!

15 Beautiful Crochet Wedding Favors

When looking for wedding favors, you want unique and beautiful. That is exactly what you will find in this collection! Each favor is not only beautiful but will make a thoughtful gift that is sure to become a keepsake for all who receive them!

Diane Holland

4 thoughts on “15 Beautiful Crochet Wedding Favors for Your Wedding Guests”

  1. Hi Kathryn!  Thank you so much for including my pattern!  I’m such a huge fan of your blog, this is such a dream come true to be mentioned on Crochet Concupiscence! Sending you many, many hugs!
    xo Jaime from Crochet Dynamite

  2. I prefer handmade wedding favors because they are more personalized and it only means that you are special and loved by the couple. I think the Crochet Lavender Pillow will suit best my vintage themed-wedding ceremony supplies. What you think?;)

  3. Kathryn in answer to what you said about number 12 the acorns , if your name was oakes they would be very relevant indeed !!! ….def one to keep in mind for the four reminding in my house who are not married yet

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