Yesterday I shared the 25 Most Amazing Works of Crochet Art, the first post in my new series 625 More Things for Crochet Inspiration. Let’s keep the ball rolling on this series with our next post: the 25 most popular free crochet patterns.

I’ve based this list on the most popular free crochet patterns on Ravelry right now. At the end of the post I’ve included links to some other posts that share a variety of different popular free crochet patterns. Enjoy!

1. Neat Ripple Pattern

crochet ripple pattern

This is the colorful crochet ripple pattern by Lucy of Attic 24 that is often used for crochet blankets.

2. Divine Crochet Hat

divine hat crochet pattern

This free crochet hat pattern by Sarah Arnold is hugely popular.

3. Crochet Owl Hat

Sarah Zimmerman of Repeat Crafter Me shares this free crochet owl hat pattern that incorporates that ever-popular own into its design.

Sarah Zimmerman of Repeat Crafter Me shares this free crochet owl hat pattern that incorporates that ever-popular own into its design.

4. Granny Stripes Tutorial

crochet granny stripes pattern

Here’s another popular free colorful crochet pattern by Lucy of Attic 24.

5. Shell Stitch Crochet Beanie

crochet hats for kids

The Dainty Daisy shares this free crochet baby hat pattern.

6. Elise Crochet Shawl

crochet shawl pattern

I’m happy to see male crochet designer  Evan Pliveinski on the list with his popular free crochet shawl pattern.

7. South Bay Crochet Shawlette

free crochet pattern for shawl

This free crochet shawlette pattern is from Lion Brand Yarn.

8. Amineko Crocheted Cat

crochet cat pattern

What a cute free crochet animal pattern from Nekoyama! The version shown here is by milkyrobot.

9. Angel Wings Crochet Pinafore

crochet pinafore pattern

Maxine of Bev’s Country Cottage shares this adorable free crochet girls’ dress pattern.

10. Calm Crochet Cowl

free crochet cowl pattern

This free crochet cowl pattern comes from Suzana of indigoDOT designs. It’s a Ravelry download.

11. Queen Anne’s Crochet Lace Scarf

popular free crochet scarf pattern

This is a beautiful free crochet scarf pattern from Khebhin Gibbons.

12. Rainbow Ripple Crochet Baby Blanket

crochet ripple blanket

This free crochet baby blanket pattern is offered as a Ravelry downoad by Celeste Young. It is a great choice if you’re making a baby gift.

13. Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf

crochet art scarf

Tamara of Moogly shares the free crochet pattern for this infinity scarf.

14. Olivia’s Crochet Butterfly Hat

olivia butterfly crochet hats for kids

I adore this free crochet hat pattern from Vallieskids.

15. Brain Waves Beanie

Professional Photograph

Liz McQueen created this free crochet beanie pattern that is available as a Ravelry download.

16. Crochet Baby Converse

crochet baby converse shoes

How could you not love this free crochet kids’ Converse pattern from loopysue?

17. Crochet Spring Bunny

crochet bunny pattern

Here’s another free crochet animal pattern, this one from Craftzine.

18. Chevron Lace Crochet Cardigan

crochet cardigan

Milobo shares this free crochet cardigan pattern.

19. Tiramisu Crochet Baby Blanket

tiramisu baby blanket

Alicia Paulson’s free crochet baby blanket pattern is another top choice for baby gifts.

20. Woolly Owl Crochet Hat

crochet owl hat pattern

Another owl hat makes it onto the list of hot free crochet patterns. This one is from Kat Goldin.

21. Granny Stripe Boutique Bag

boutique bag crochet pattern

This is the most popular free crochet purse pattern on Ravelry right now. It’s by Sara of Tangled Happy.

22. Spiral Crochet Scrubbie

a crochet scrubbie

If you want to make something for the kitchen or bathroom then this free crochet scrubbie pattern from Crochet Patterns Only can help. The ones pictured here were made by GeneticCrafter.

23. Sunny Spread Crochet Blanket

crochet blanket

Ellen Gormley’s free crochet pattern offered through Crochet Today and Red Heart is a great one for blanket making.

24. Hexagon Crochet How-To

crochet hexagon tutorial

Here’s one more popular free crochet tutorial from Lucy of Attic24. It’s for the popular hexagon motif that can be used in so many ways!

25. Crochet Bird Decoration

a crochet bird pattern

And yep, squeaking on to the list at #25 is a last one from Lucy, her beautiful colorful crochet bird decoration is offered as a free pattern too!

And as promised, here are those links to other posts filled with free crochet pattern suggestions:

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