littlefoxcrochet easter crochet

Easter image from littlefoxcrochet on Instagram

In this roundup you will find lots of crochet patterns and various crochet inspiration for Easter Eggs. You’ll also find a variety of other Easter-related crochet ideas.

Crochet Easter Eggs and Easter Egg Cozies

crochet egg cozy

10 free crochet Easter egg cozy patterns including this one from Lucia

free crochet bunny egg pattern

Yarn Round Hook offers the free crochet pattern (using UK terminology) for this bunny egg cozy.

marretjeroos crochet nina turtle egg cozy

No pattern for this one but cute inspiration from marretjeroos on Instagram

chevron crochet egg pattern

Chevron crochet egg free pattern from @jahuston

crochet easter eggs

Greedy for Colour free crochet Easter Egg pattern

ektelykke crochet eggs

No pattern – just some inspiration from ektelykke on Instagram

crochet easter bunny

Delight’s Gems crochet Easter egg pattern

crochet egg

Fun! Awhile back, Las Teje y Maneje shared the funky crochet eggs of Donkey Creative Lab

crochet egg cozies

These crochet egg cozies are in the book Cute & Easy Crochet by Nicki Trench

crochet easter egg

Free Easter crochet pattern for egg ornament or applique from Lacy Crochet

Other Easter Crochet Patterns

easter amigurumi patterns

Top 10 amigurumi Easter patterns

crochet easter hat pattern

Daisy Cottage Designs shared this free crochet Easter hat pattern

crochet basket pattern

10 free crochet Easter basket patterns including this one from @gleefulthings

easter crochet pattern

Easter Egg Treat Bag, a free @petalstopicots crochet pattern

crochet bunny pattern

Free little crochet Easter bunny pattern from @twinkiechan

crochet rattle pattern

Crochet bunny rattle pattern free (Spanish and English) from @lanukas

crochet peeps garland

Crochet bunny Peeps garland free pattern

free crochet basket pattern

Tiny Bunny Basket Free Crochet Pattern from String Theory Crochet

crochet bunny pattern

Free crochet bunnies pattern from Craftzine

crochet bunny

Cute crochet bunny pattern

crochet bunny patterns

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Bunny, a free amigurumi pattern from The Lazy Hobbyhopper

Crochet Easter Inspiration: Bunnies

Just photos that people shared to Instagram:

thegirllovesyarn crochet bunnies


sweet_sharna crochet bunny basket

sweet_sharna (bunny basket above and bunny toy below)

sweet_sharna crochet bunnies

stephaniedavies crochet bunny


littlefoxcrochet crochet bunnies


hanrosieg crochet bunny


cuddlebugkids crochet easter basket


creativedesignsbysheila easter crochet


atnanasknee crochet bunny basket


More Easter Crochet Inspiration

knitting peeps

Easter Crochet: Peeps!

Not Quite Crochet But Still Cute

easter basket craft

Sugar String Easter Baskets DIY via @apttherapy


Scented Mini Bunny Pillow tutorial from @mypoppetshop


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