Bicycle Crochet Inspiration for National Bike Month

Did you know that May is National Bike Month? Crochet and bicycling can go hand in hand. Of course, you probably shouldn’t crochet while you’re on the bike but you can definitely crochet for your bike. A bicycle decorated with one of a kind crochet is a beautiful, personalized work of art. Here are some photos of bicycle crochet to inspire you!

crochet birds bike

This set of birds for your bicycle handles is one of 3 crochet patterns from Greedy for Colour that you’ll find in the book Craft Bomb Your Bike: 20 Makes for You and Your Bikeir?t=moho 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1446304809

Crochet Artist: Marcy Kraft AKA Crochet Grenade

Colorful crochet bike rack from artist Marcy Kraft (AKA Crochet Grenade)

crochet bike

Crochet bike represents “the story of how farmers look after the national park environment whilst supplying natural materials that are manufactured into products.”

cuddlebugkids crochet bike

Crocheted bike made by cuddlebugkids on Instagram

crochet bike

Yarnbombed bike spotted in Cairns by Forever in Fibre

crochet bike

Crochet bicycle skirt guard at a yarn store I visited


yarnbombed bikes via Art of Yarnbombing

yarnbomb bike

Yarnbombed bike via Fox’s Lane

queen_babs yarnbomb crochet

Bike rack yarn bomb from queen_babs on Instagram

lisesolving crochet yarnbomb

Bicycle yarn bomb by Lise Solvang for ad

crochet hemp bike basket

The pattern for this cute crochet bike basket was featured in the spring 2012 issue of Interweave crochet.

crochet bike

This is another one from Greedy For Colour

yarnbombed bike

Yarnbombed bike by artist Melissa Maddonni Haims

crochet flower basket

A little bicycle with crochet flowers in the basket from Stitch of Love

stephaniedavies crochet bicycle seat cover

Fuzzy crochet bike seat cover by stephaniedavies on Instagram

rubber tire yarn

Bicycle tire tube crochet

crochet bike basket

Crochet bike basket pattern sold on Etsy

crochet bike seat

Heartfelt crochet bike seat cover free pattern from Amie Hirtes


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  1. Another great collection of crocheted things that are just fabulous! Thank you for all the research, putting the post together, then sharing it with everybody! Like the title of your book “Crochet Saved My Life”, you just may be saving others lives by getting all this out there, (making it easier for people to discover) in as many social media sharing sites as you can access.
    Thank you so much.! I am unable to do what you are doing. I’m too ill. But I know you’re going to pop up each day with collections and links to crochet thingd by subject. You allow me to “browse” for crochet wonders via your posts. God Bless you, Kathryn

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