Last year I did an article on crochet artist Crochet Grenade for the Crochet Today blog. I wanted to share that today and add some additional information about this lovely crochet artist.

Crochet Artist Profile

crochet artist marcy craft yarn bomb tree

Here’s the crochet artist profile I originally shared on Crochet Today:

crochet artist

Marcy Kraft, better known as Crochet Grenade, is a street / fiber artist based in San Diego. She enjoys bringing a combination of nerdy and whimsical designs to the public through yarnbombing and installation art. Some have started calling her The Yarn Bombshell.

crochet gumball machine

Crochet Grenade has a knack for bringing nostalgia into her work in fun ways. She has crocheted gumball machines, an Etch-a-Sketch and a big Rubik’s Cube installation. These references to retro pop culture put a smile on our faces.

rubiks cube crochet

Marcy’s work is a combination of guerilla-style unapproved yarnbombing and approved public installation projects. For example, her Etch-a-Sketch was recently taken down rapidly by city park officials. On the other hand, she was commissioned to yarnbomb a mall. She has yarnbombed trees, street signs and more, toeing the line between what’s permissible and what will be removed.

crochet etchasketch

Crochet Grenade has worked on several big projects in the past two years. We’re excited to see what she does next. On Facebook, she offers the following invite: “Follow me on my adventures covering the world one skein at a time.” We will!

Crochet Artist Updates

Later in 2013, Facebook and Instagram showed that Marcy Kraft was making custom crochet swimwear:

crochet swimwear

Beautiful! She also makes custom crochet lingerie.

And although it’s older, I only recently discovered this great crochet sheep skirt that Marcy made:

crochet artist marcy kraft

Crochet Grenade seems to have dropped off of social media in September 2013, so I’m not sure what she’s up to now, but I thought I’d share some of her older yarn bombs that haven’t been featured before on this blog:

Crochet Artist: Marcy Kraft AKA Crochet Grenade

Crochet Artist: Marcy Kraft AKA Crochet Grenade

shopping cart crochet

Crochet Artist: Marcy Kraft AKA Crochet Grenade


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