What kind of clothing style do you rock? Are you more likely to be seen in a floor-skimming boho crochet maxi dress or a teeny little crochet mini skirt? Either way, you’ve got lots of options. Let’s take a look at some patterns and wearables that are practically twins, except that one is a maxi and the other a mini.

Rainbow Stripe Mini and Maxi

I absolutely love this rainbow crochet mini skirt (which can also be worn as a poncho if you’re the less daring type) that is sold by Etsy’s Starrbeads. Looking for a maxi twin? How about taking the striped rainbow idea from the mini but extending it into long thin stripes for a dress? I spotted the maxi on Portuguese blog Sou Vaidosa, e Dai?

Pretty in Purple

Here we see a granny square maxi skirt made with purple, grey, black and some peach. In the mini skirt version (sold on Etsy by MissCale) we see the purple, grey and black and but instead of peach we’ve got pink. The mini isn’t a granny square but the verticality of the stripes retains a similar feeling. And they both work with a black shirt.

Line Knitwear vs. Sandra Backlund

Line Knitwear has crochet pop up now and then and usually when it does it’s in the form of a gorgeous crochet maxi dress. Sandra Backlund is an amazing fashion artist who incorporates lots of great crochet into her collections. These two might be more like fraternal twins than identical twins but they remind me of each other because of the color family, play on texture and volume in various places.

Orange Crochet Dresses

On the left we’ve got a great orange maxi crochet dress from Etsy’s LindaDiLeva. On the right is short orange crochet mini dress featured on Fashion Addictive. The maxi leans towards a reddish orange (a color actually called persimmon) and the mini is more of a yellow-hued orange but these two could definitely be long lost twins!

Chanel Mini vs. Monsoon Maxi

On the left we’ve got a terrific designer crochet cardigan with floral designs and matching mini skirt from Chanel. On the right we’ve got a see-through white maxi dress from Monsoon with a hint of that floral feeling in a bouquet of roses.

House of Holland

Last year House of Holland put out a great collection inspired by the classic granny square. The collection had skirts and dresses of varying lengths including these maxi and mini dresses.

Bec & Bridge

Like House of Holland, Bec & Bridge came out with a line of dresses that included both maxis and minis that worked the same type of crochet details. I love how the maxi dress has long sleeves that repeat the pattern while the mini dress is sleeveless.

Retro Sisters in Perfect Pink

The crochet pattern on the right (sold on Etsy by wonkyzebra) is a great retro pink crochet dress with big bell sleeves. The version on the right is an updated hot pink mini dress that retains the big sleeves for oomph.

Celebrating Chevron

Both of these are chevron-print vintage crochet patterns that are sold by people on Etsy. (The maxi by cemetarian and the mini by HeirloomPatterns.) Even though they have different color stories, they feel like twins to me.

Based on what you see here, are you more of a maxi or mini when it comes to crochet clothing?


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  1. If I actually wore a dress, those who know me would pass out from the shock, lol. But IF I wore one, it would be more of a midi. There are some gorgeous things here!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @Rouxlette Almost all of my dresses are mid-length but it’s so much more fun to look at the extremes! :-p

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  6. Love them both..but my fav from this post is the rainbow granny mini.

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