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In these days leading up to holiday shopping and Small Business Saturday, I thought I’d share some information about some of the cool Scoutmob makers that are selling handcrafted crochet right now. Today I’ll share Kalee Michelle.

crochet makers

Missouri-based Kalee Michelle creates contemporary retro-inspired crochet blankets. I especially love her large granny square crochet blankets:

retro crochet blanket

She shares on Etsy:

“I studied sculpture at The Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) and found a love for all materials. In my sculptural work I use concrete, plaster, wax, wood, candy, you name it! When working with such a wide variety of materials, it is important to understand how all the work is connected. In my practice, I’ve found that color is the driving force for most of my work. Because of this, I decided to create a series of practical objects that explored color relationships within a constant form. I have loved to crochet and knit since I was a child, and yarn is such a visceral material to control and work with. I also wanted to make larger items, so I landed on blankets and home accessories.

I use a classic crochet technique and explore new and innovative ways to use it. I am very interested in reforming, both in construction and technique. So I use the method as a starting point, and innovate from there. Everything in my shop is handmade with lots of love and lots of magic.”

crochet blanket

Solid color crochet blanket

chevron crochet blanket

Chevron crochet blanket

crochet granny blanket

Black and white granny square blanket

Visit Kalee Michelle on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.


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