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Malabrigo does a Weekly Color Feature in which they select a stunning colorful photo (could be of anything) and then show a selection of Malabrigo yarns that match the color story of the photo.

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All throughout the month of been celebrating the cream of the crop in the crochet blogging world by offering an award per day to a blogger who is doing something great


I like a variety of her different accessories because she uses interesting color choices and creative design techniques that look simple when presented but clearly required a lot of design thought.


2011 Awesome Crochet Blogs: Best Reviews

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Throughout the month I’ve been giving away an award per day to a crochet blogger who does one thing or another especially well. There are so many great crochet bloggers out there and I wish I could honor them all!

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One of the things that can be tough to do as a blogger is to include many different types of posts. Some bloggers are better at news posts, others are better at sharing patterns, others most like to do first person sharing of their own work.


Christmas may be over but the giving isn’t done here at Crochet Concupiscence. Through the end of December I’m giving out daily awards to honor crochet bloggers who do certain things especially well. Learn more about this project here. Congratulations to today’s award recipient: Carol Ventura of Tapestry Crochet You have received this award for: […]


What better award to give on Christmas day than an award that shares this same spirit of giving? This crochet blogger gives out great free crochet patterns.