Meet Australian Crocheter Paula of FlamingPot

Paula is an Australian crocheter who formerly ran the Etsy shop FlamingPot. The Instagram and Facebook pages under that same name are still up, although they have not been active since 2019.

Paula began to crochet in October 2012 to help her through the grieving process of losing her stillborn daughter, named Gabrielle, and she has been crocheting avidly ever since.

She says:

“Gabrielle gave me talent that I never knew I have. Every crochet I make, I always dedicate to her, and to her rainbow sister, Giselle, our bundle of joy.”

Meet Australian Crocheter Paula of FlamingPot

Although Paula is no longer actively selling on Etsy, we wanted to highlight some of the great work she has done and hope you'll be inspired by her creativity!

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