Meet Crochet Lover Elza van der Merwe of Elzavan912

Elza van der Merwe is a 50-something South African mom with an empty nest that she fills with her gorgeous crochet. She loves crafting, and nature and just generally loves life, and it’s a joy to see what she shares on Instagram as @elzavan912.

While it’s nearly impossible to choose, here are some of my favorite projects that she has shared. 

Cotton Pastel Afghan

This beautiful cotton afghan is made from yarn hand-dyed in lovely pastel shades. Here are a couple of photos from Elza’s Instagram- one when the afghan was newly finished, and the other when it was in use years later. I love seeing a project like this being loved and cherished over time.

Lamb Lovey

I love this gray and white lamb baby lovey, which was made for a baby shower gift. The chevron pattern on the bottom of the lovey reminds me of chevron crochet afghans that decorated the backs of my grandparents’ couches, and the stitches around the lamb’s head perfectly give the impression of curly wool. 

ZigZag Crochet Scarf

Crochet chevrons can look so different depending on the yarn used, the colors chosen, and the exact version of chevron selected. I love this execution of chevron crochet. I’m sure that this scarf made a fun and colorful accessory once completed!

Squared Mandala Afghan

This black and white squared mandala afghan is unique and absolutely stunning. A lot of detail and intricate design work went into creating this piece, and the result is fabulous. 

This photo shows the completed blanket, but be sure to scroll back through Elza’s feed, where she shows many steps along the way. 

Crochet Ottoman

This crochet ottoman is my all-time favorite item that Elza has crafted. It looks so comfortable and inviting, and the red pops out nicely against the beige tones. 

Crochet Ball

The caption on this photo says that Elza made it as a Christmas gift, and who wouldn’t love to receive an amazing handmade gift like this? The colors and bright and eye-catching held up against the sunny sky in this photo. 

I also love the mix of the patches with flowers and the patches that are done in solid colors. It all goes together so nicely. 

Crochet Hearts

Here is a great use of a photo prop – bold red lipstick elegantly showcasing the color that’s in the crochet hearts. I also love the way that the hearts are reflected slightly in the lipstick case!

Stitch Sampler Blanket

A great stitch sampler crochet blanket worked in a great selection of colors that are both bright and muted. It makes the bed look so cozy- I’m ready to curl up beneath it myself. 

I love the plants as much as the craft! This reflects that love of nature that she mentions in her IG bio.

Vintage Crochet Vest

Here are two versions of the same vintage crochet vest pattern. They’re worked up in earthy neutral shades. Love it!

Crochet Bedspread 

There are so many incredible details on this crocheted bedspread that I don’t know where to look first. The level of detail is truly amazing and the color combination is perfect. It really turns the idea of the traditional chevron or granny square crochet blanket on its head. 

Black Cotton Crochet Top

It is often tough to photograph black crochet in a way that actually shows the stitches. Elza has done a terrific job here with her placement and lighting. And the stitches are wonderful to see.

Blanket for 67 Blankets For Nelson Mandela Day

This was a charity crochet donation. It is always great to see when a crafter with terrific crochet skills invests time, money and energy in giving handcrafted items to charities. This is very special.

This particular blanket was for 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day, a charity project that collects blankets yearly and distributes them to those in need in honor of the late Nelson Mandela. 

Overlay Crochet Mandala

Elza made this beautiful crochet mandala. Such a gorgeous combination of colors- a very sophisticated yet still fun crochet mandala.

The overlay techniques that she has used here give this piece a great texture. I’m finding the detailed, intricate nature of her work so inspiring. 

There is no shortage of beautiful photos to admire from this crochet artist. If you want to see more (and I’m sure you do!), follow @elzavan912 on Instagram to see them all for yourself- I promise you will be inspired! 

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    • Hi Elza, Will you please be so kind as to share with me what kind of Cotton or thread and how many ply’s do you use for the Mochila Tapestry Bag? Thank you very much !


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