Beautiful Crochet of Elisabeth Andree: Crochet Inspiration

I’ve been sharing daily posts to introduce you to the fabulous people who share their crochet on Instagram.

Today I want to focus on the beautiful crochet of Elisabeth Andree, but if you follow this blog, you’ve already met her.

She is one of the women who hook to heal, who was interviewed and shared her story in Crochet Saved My Life, and whose work I’ve shared regularly ever since.

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About Elisabeth Andree

Elisabeth Andree are her two first names and that’s what I’ve always known her by online, but everyone in her daily life just calls her Andree. She’s a Dutch crafter, a vegetarian who loves green, and a creative crocheter who always executes her projects with perfect stitches and inspiring color combinations.

She has a blog that she discontinued so she could conserve her health and energy but you’ll find a lot of great posts in the archives there and on her Instagram. She is also taking a break from new posts on her Instagram page, but there are many previous posts there for inspiration. 

She shares on her blog that she learned to crochet around the age of six, at a time when girls learned knitting, crocheting, sewing, and embroidery in school. 

Crochet Blankets

I always love to see the crochet blankets that Elisabeth Andree creates. They really showcase her color choices. What I love about her use of color is her exercise in restraint. She uses really bright, beautiful colors, but she uses them sparingly, typically setting them against a swatch of neutral crochet fabric. It’s ingenious.

This blanket is a great example, with thin bands of color running through the off-white background. Andree says this is one of her favorite makes, and I can see why it has earned that position.

Here’s a really lovely work-in-progress shot of a ribbed blanket in blue, grey, and green. I can just imagine how cozy it will be to curl up under that blanket when it’s finished, and the colors are so comforting and calming. 

Andree shares this blanket as a project that she is proud of because it was out of her comfort zone. She explained that this was her first blanket made of squares, and it uses more color than her typical makes. I’m glad she went out on a limb, though, because this blanket looks amazing- so festive. 

Crochet Bags

Elisabeth Andree also crochets beautiful purses and bags. I would love to tote one of these around!

I can just imagine carrying this color blocked tote around the farmer’s market.

This granny square bag is so cute and colorful. The little girl in this photo clearly loves it, and who can blame her? Andree explains that she made this bag freehand- just another example of how talented she is. 

Crochet for the Home

Andree also creates many crochet pieces for her home. I imagine that her home is just beautiful, with many special and handmade items. 

This pouf (ottoman) cover is simple-looking but so beautiful and classic. I can see it fitting perfectly into a stylish and minimalist living room. 

These vase covers give some extra detail to a plain glass vase. Like so many of Andree’s designs, this project is minimalistic and has just the right amount of color against a more neutral background. 

Andree is subtle with her use of color, but I notice that yellow comes up often. It’s not a color that I gravitate to personally, so I love seeing the ways that she brightens up her space with yellow crochet. 

This little dog bed is so sunny and bright, and Andree’s dog is obviously a lucky and happy pet!

And More Crochet

Elisabeth Andree crochets beautiful shawls and other wearable items, like this totally gorgeous color-blocked sweater.

The two shades of yellow on the sleeves are eye-catching without looking out of place at all on the sweater. It reminds me of a bright sun coming out from behind a cloud. 

Here is another yellow accessory to brighten up a grey day. I think this light yellow shawl is so lovely and sunny.

Andree was kind enough to share a lot of photos of this shawl in progress, so be sure to scroll through to see how this project looked from start to finish. 

This fun car bunting would make a good decoration in a child’s room or a playroom. She was kind enough to share the tutorial on her blog as well, so you can recreate this project if you want to. 

If you want to be inspired by more of Elisabeth Andree’s beautiful work, you can follow @elisabethandree on Instagram.

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