15 Designs for Crochet Purses and Bags To Make at Home!

Having a bold, bright accent bag is always a win – but one you made yourself? That’s a brag. We’ve found some bright, beautiful, and creative bags you can crochet yourself.

Whether you want bright colors, unique design, ease of use, or just a quick make, we’ve gathered some of our very favorite crochet purses and bag patterns from across the interwebs for your ease of use and browsing.

15 Designs for Crochet Purses and Bags

Knitted bags are not only creative but also stylish in today's fashion realities! If you want to keep up with fashion trends, then check out these 15 adorable and easy crochet purses and handbag designs to make your own!

Hannah Ege

A life long crocheter and knitter, Hannah is a creative person who enjoys designing their own patterns while having deep appreciation and love for timeless designs. Hannah's first official job was in a yarn store as a teenager and even now they regularly knit and crochet for friends and commissioned pieces. When not busy with fiber, Hannah enjoys all things coffee, reading, hiking and spending time with their kid.

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