10 Amazing Mandala Crochet Creations

The mandala has spiritual significance for a lot of people but it doesn’t have to be specifically a spiritual thing. It can be a visually pleasing and meditatively relaxing geometric design. Crochet mandalas appeal to me because of their natural aesthetic appeal that is enhanced with the lovely color and texture of crochet work. Not sure about it? Take a look at these ten amazing mandala crochet creations and then let me know what you think:

1. Xenobia Bailey’s Mandala Crochet

crochet mandala

photo via CRAFT

Learn more about Xenobia Bailey’s crochet art

2. Tapestry Mandala Crochet by Stacey Glasgow

tapestry crochet

Tapestry crochet expert Carol Ventura has a nice article about Stacey Glasgow.

3. Babukatorium’s Colorful Mandala-Inspired Crochet Waistcoat

crochet mandala shirt

4. Granny Crochet Mandala

mandala crochet

Crochet with Raymond has a free crochet mandala pattern for you.

5. Overlay Crochet Mandala

overlay crochet mandala

Overlay crochet is something that I want to learn. You can see how this one was made over at Daniela’s Needleart.

6. Mandala Crochet Rug

crochet mandala rug

This one is a crochet pattern available on Etsy, sold by bysol.

7. Crochet Mandala Earrings

crochet mandala earrings

OliviaRoyale sells a variety of chic colorful earrings including these mandala hoops.

8. Ramchix Mandala

mandala crochet1

I adore the color choices on this one by Ramchix.

9. Mandala de la Tierra

filet crochet mandala

This comes from a Spanish site: La Boutique de Alta Moda en Crochet. It looks like a form of filet crochet, don’t you think?

10. Reclaimed Sweater Mandalas

reclaimed sweater mandala

I’m not one hundred percent sure that these were crocheted but I do know from Flickr that they were made with yarn reclaimed from old sweaters. Awesome. They were posted by Todd Tyrtle on Flickr and the photo credit goes to his friend Barb.

What are your thoughts on mandala crochet?


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14 thoughts on “10 Amazing Mandala Crochet Creations”

  1. YAY!!!! I adore mandalas in all there amazing-ness! My first blog to follow was Crochet with Raymond. looked for crochet mandalas and have never been the same since!!!! Made a couple that I can see at all times. Just small ones. I put a personal “thing” that meant something to me in the middle. Helps me focus and center at times… Thank You for putting this out here.. Also a great way to use of Bits of scrap yarn or “just-this-yarn-has-good-memorys-4-me-yarn” (we all have some,admit it..) :)

  2. Yes Please more info on overlay-crochet. the jewlerey book that is out caught my attention. ( I do thread play. its never work) so would love to get a feel for it before i dip to deep….great pics!!!! Missing my hook,because of company all i can do is get a virtual fix through you and others. Loveing my crochet blogs….

  3. The reclaimed sweater yarn mandelas are the work of Kiteweather, pictured here, who lived in a women’s community outside Ava MO. We own the red and blue one with the star center at the very back of this picture. She also made twin size blankets/rugs. No two were ever alike.

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