Free Snowflake Crochet Pattern: Fun Festive Crafting!

Hi all – we hope that you are enjoying our Twelve Days of Christmas Crochet projects so far!

Today’s make is a snowflake – they work up quickly (like most of the projects I’ve shared so far) and look lovely on top of gifts or the tree.

Whip up a few with some white worsted-weight yarn and a 5mm crochet hook!

Snowflake Crochet


To start, make a Magic Loop with 12 double crochet stitches. Slip stitch to the top of the first stitch to finish this row.

Magic Loop with 12 double crochet stitches

Row 2: Chain 5, then skip one stitch from the previous row. Slip stitch to the next stitch. Repeat this 5 more times all the way around the circle, ending with a slip stitch.

Snowflake Crochet Pattern Row 2

Row 3: Place 5 single crochets into the chain 5 from the last row – you won’t be working into the stitches of the chain, but around the chain:

Snowflake Crochet Pattern Row 3

Then, create a single crochet spike stitch by working through the slip stitch from Row 2. Pull the spike stitch up to the same height as the single crochet of this row, like so:

single crochet spike stitch
Pull the spike stitch up

Continue this pattern (adding 5 single crochet, then single crochet spike stitch) all the way around.

adding 5 single crochet

Row 4: Chain 3, then place a double crochet in the middle/third single crochet stitch from Row 3.

Snowflake Crochet Pattern Row 4

Then, we’ll add a picot stitch to the top of the double crochet. To do this, chain three stitches, then slip stitch down the chain. (Note – you’ll only slip stitch two stitches of the chain. The third stitch of the chain is to turn!)

Finish the picot stitch by slip stitching to the top of the double crochet!

adding a picot stitch to the top of the double crochet
slip stitch down the chain
slip stitching to the top of the double crochet

Chain 3 more, then place a single crochet into the single crochet spike stitch from Row 3.

Repeat this pattern of chaining 3, double crochet + picot stitch, chaining 3, single crochet in the spike stitch all the way around – on your last single crochet, place a slip stitch instead to close the row.

Snowflake Crochet Pattern

Fasten off, and weave in your tail end to finish. You can also use the tail end to tie a loop to hang on the wall or your tree as an ornament!