Popcorn Stitch Crochet – Our Clear, Step-by-Step Guide

There are several different textured crochet stitches that look similar, but each has its own unique way of being made.

Bobbles, clusters, shells, and popcorn stitches are all advanced beginner crochet stitches that you can learn after you have learned the basic crochet stitches.

Many people find that it is a lot of fun to work the popcorn stitch.

This stitch is created by working a number of stitches into the same stitch and then joining the top of the last stitch in the set to the top of the first stitch in the set.

This creates a ball of texture that pops off of the fabric and is called a “popcorn.”

crochet popcorn texture

This crochet stitch can be worked in many variations by changing both the height of the stitches and the number of stitches in a group.

Today, let’s look at how to crochet a common variation – the 5 dc popcorn stitch. This is a fun one to practice after you learn how to create a chain and double crochet!

Popcorn Stitch Pattern

Popcorn stitch is a two-row repeating stitch. Once you learn the first two rows, you can keep repeating them until your item measures the desired length.

Traditionally, popcorn stitches are placed in a staggered pattern, but you can also stack the popcorn stitches on top of one another for a varied look.

Creating the Chain

To begin, chain an odd number of stitches + 2 to turn. For my swatch, I chained 15 sts + 2 to turn.

Note: It’s important to not make the initial chain stitch too tightly, or your piece will curl.

I suggest making the initial chain very loosely, or even using a larger hook to create it! I used one whole size hook larger to make my chain!

initial crochet popcorn chain
initial crochet popcorn chain (step 1)
initial crochet popcorn chain (step 2)

Row One

Row one is the right side of our work. This is the row that we’ll be pulling all of our popcorn stitches up on!

Our +2 from chaining (and the last stitch we chained) counts as our first double crochet stitch, which serves as our first stitch in this row!

To create our first popcorn stitch, place five double crochet stitches in the 4th chain from the hook. Remember, the loop on your hook never counts as a stitch!

first stitch for crochet popcorn

To finish off the popcorn stitch, take your hook out of your work and insert it from front to back in the first double crochet you made in this cluster.

crochet second stitch for popcorn

Next, insert your hook from back to front through the loop left from the last double crochet you made in the cluster.

third stitch for crochet popcorn

Pull the loop from your last stitch through the top of the first double crochet you made to close the stitch:

crocheting a stitch loop for popcorn

In the next chain, place one double crochet.

crochet popcorn

Continue this pattern of making one popcorn stitch then one double crochet all the way to the end of the row!

crochet popcorn chain

Row Two

Row two is the wrong side or back side of our work.

This is important to note, as we’ll be “pushing” all of our popcorn stitches to puff out on the other side – this changes the direction we insert the hook into the back of the stitch!

To begin row 2, chain 3 stitches.

the beginning of the second row of the crochet popcorn chain

Turn, then, in the same space where you chained 3 stitches, place four more double crochets. This will be the first popcorn stitch of the row.

the first stitch of the second row of the crochet popcorn chain

To create the popcorn shape, remove your hook from the last stitch you made and insert it from back to front in the top of the chain 3 you made to start the row.

creating a popcorn shape on the second row of the crochet chain

Then insert your hook from front to back through the loop left on your last double crochet.

creating a popcorn shape on the second row of the chain

Pull the loop through the top of chain 3 to close the stitch off and form your first popcorn!

Looping through the top of chain 3 to form your first popcorn!

Place a double crochet in the next stitch.

placing a double crochet in the next stitch
placing a double crochet in the next stitch-2

You’ll continue to create this pattern of popcorn stitch then double crochet until the end of the row – similar to Row 1.

Note: All of your popcorn stitches should puff out to the right side of your work. Row 2 looks like this:

crochet popcorn row 2

When you flip your work back over to the correct side, it looks like this:

look of popcorn on the other side crochet

Continuing the Pattern

Now that we’ve got the basic rows, you’re ready to continue! All you’ll need to do differently on Row 1 is begin with a chain 3.

When we first made Row 1, we only chained 2 to turn our foundation chain.

Now that we’ve gotten into the groove and aren’t working off of the foundation chain, you’ll just need to chain 3 to make the first double crochet of the row.

Continue alternating these two rows until your piece reaches the desired length!

continue knitting the next rows of popcorn hooks


Popcorn stitch is a wonderful advanced beginner stitch pattern that adds a lovely texture to a project. It also works well in the round!

Once you’ve gotten comfortable chaining, double crocheting, and turning your work, it’s also a fun way to spice up a normal double crochet fabric.

Give it a try and see what you think!

Melissa Camp
Melissa Camp

Melissa has been crocheting for close to twenty years and loves making amigurumi and designing patterns. She specializes in making beginner patterns that help reinforce the basics of crocheting. In her free time, she can usually be found out in the garden or playing her ukelele!

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