Tape Yarn Crochet Patterns: 15 Choices Ideal for Tencel Yarn

Yarn is an expansive term that can be broken up into all types of categories based on what the yarn is composed of. Mohair and wool are examples of animal-based fibers while cotton and linen are examples of plant-based fibers.

What Is Tencel Yarn Made Of?

Tencel yarn is a type of rayon fiber, meaning it is made from plant fibers, specifically trees and most commonly eucalyptus trees.

As Ecomall puts it so clearly “…Tencel [or lyocell] is a sustainable fabric, regenerated from wood cellulose. It is similar in hand to rayon and bamboo, both regenerated fabrics. However, Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics … Tencel fibers are grown sustainably.”

Tencel yarn has a high absorption weight, making it perfect for summer knits when you’re more likely to sweat heavily. Its shiny smooth texture gives it beautiful stitch definition both for knitting and crochet, while also making it incredibly breathable and cool.

Despite how lightweight the yarn feels, a finished product hangs a little heavier than cotton, and even with great stitch definition, Tencel yarn likes to drape. This is best kept in mind when selecting patterns for this yarn type.

Where To Buy Tencel Yarn

There are several brands of yarn companies that make Tencel yarn. One of the best is Wool & Gang, who claims their Tencel yarn is “super smooth and effortless to knit with. It’s durable which means you can unravel and reknit without affecting the finished look of your yarn.”

You can also find Tencel yarn through companies like Valley Yarn, Plymouth Yarn, and Universal Yarns, all available for shipping through Webs, although we always suggest checking your local yarn shop first and supporting your direct community.

You can also find plenty of independent dyers on Etsy who sell small batches of Tencel yarn.

15 Patterns for Tencel Yarn

The way Tencel yarn crochets up makes it ideal for some things and less than ideal for others. Here we've collected a range of patterns to show you what types of projects Tencel yarn works well with.

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