20 Crochet Princess Dress Blankets That Are Cute and Cozy

Have you ever seen a dress blanket? These clever creations are just what they sound like – a blanket that looks like a dress!

Many designs even have sleeves, so your hands are free to read, craft, or snack while you’re still covered in your blanket.

It’s kind of like a Snuggie, but infinitely prettier and, of course, handmade.

There are patterns for dress blankets like this available to emulate every popular princess, and we’ve rounded up a few of them here.

For further princess inspiration, we’ve gathered other royal blanket options, including some full-sized blanket patterns, baby loveys, and appliques.

Grab your hook and turn on your favorite princess movie and get ready to be inspired!

Crochet Princess Dress Blankets

If you love crocheting for a little princess or you're a princess fan yourself, you'll love this collection of patterns!

In this unique set, you'll find cozy blanket dresses that are perfect for both keeping warm and dressing up. We've also rounded up blankets with a princess theme, princess baby loveys, and appliques that will allow you to add your own royal touch to any blanket pattern.

No matter what kind of princess blanket pattern you need, you'll find it below!

Kelsey Mlnarik

Kelsey has been a crafter since childhood and enjoys crochet, sewing, and any craft she can make with her children. She loves learning new techniques and sharing what she learns along the way. Kelsey someday hopes to be someone's crafty grandmother, crocheting afghans and drinking entire pots of coffee.

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