Katie Jones Crochet Fashion for the New Year: DIY Style

I love sharing fashion brands that center crochet products, and brands that are sustainable and fair trade are especially close to my heart. Today we’re taking a look at Katie Jones, a designer whose crochet brand now focuses on a make-it-yourself model. 

Katie Jones Crochet Origin

In 2014, Katie Jones launched her luxury crochet womenswear brand, which focused on an ethos of sustainability. Working with her mother, Katie’s label found success immediately and was awarded the Selfridges Bright Young Thing Award in 2016. 

I’ve highlighted some of her fashion collections before, as she has put out some incredible crochet fashion, including her 2016 Highland Fling collection and her 2017 Bridal collection. 

In 2017, Katie pivoted her business out of a desire to keep her manufacturing affordable, sustainable, and local. She shifted her brand to a make-it-yourself model, offering patterns, online courses, and workshops. 

I love this new direction for Katie’s brand. It really highlights how much work goes into making a piece of clothing, and encourages slow fashion and a more sustainable model of clothing consumption. 

Katie Jones Crochet Patterns

Katie Jones’ patterns are colorful and bright with a fun, retro vibe. No one could miss these eye-catching pieces.   

KJ X Lovecrafts Blooming Bomber

This bright and impactful jacket features neon vertical stripes that contrast sharply with black stripes. The 3-D crochet flowers on the pockets and the bobbles on the sleeves make this jacket stand out. 

Best of all? This pattern is available as a free download, so you can create one for yourself. 

Rockin’ Stockin’

We’ve all heard of hand-knit socks, but this hand-crocheted Christmas stocking has a special flair. The pattern is written for 7 colors, so don’t feel obligated to stick to the typical red and green. 

This stocking can be made in two different sizes, and in true sustainable crafting style, Katie offers tips for maximizing the number of stockings you can get from your yarn supply. 

Spotty Totty

I love the design of this bright tie top. The granny-square construction is nostalgic and such a classic crochet design. You could choose any colors that suit you, which is part of the beauty of the make-it-yourself model. 

The pattern comes with photographs and charts and is suitable for beginners, so don’t be intimidated! 

Join-The-Dots Kids’ Jumper

This fun and cozy kids’ sweater can be made in sizes for 3 months – 10 years, so you can make it to fit any child in your life. The smaller size uses two colors, while the larger size uses four colors. 

Katie identifies this as an easy pattern, and it is join-as-you-go, with no sewing needed for the construction. 

Katie Jones made a bold change when she pivoted her brand from a luxury brand to a make-it-yourself brand, but I love it! Making your own crochet pieces makes them more affordable and guarantees that the labor was fair. 

Katie’s pieces are bold and funky, and I think any crochet lover needs at least one for their closet. 

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