Back in March I announced a new series of 625 more inspiring things for crocheters. I didn’t end up launching it right away due to other commitments, starting grad school, etc. but I’m ready to kick that off now and am excited to start digging up inspiration to share! We’ll kick it off today with the first “list of 25”: 25 most amazing works of crochet art.

In the original post, I wrote: “We already looked at 25 crochet artists (and actually also 25 MORE crochet artists) but now let’s look specifically at the most amazing individual works of crochet art.” Here are the ones I picked. I hope that they inspire you. And I’d love to know which amazing works of art you would add to this list yourself.

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1. Olek’s Crochet Alligator Playground

olek crochet alligator

Olek’s crochet train recently took the world by storm but I have to say that I think her most inspirational piece to date was her crochet alligator playground done down in Sao Paulo, Brazil last year.

2. Hakone Open Air Museum

macadam crochet playground

We can’t talk about crochet playgrounds without mentioning the multi-decade work that Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam has done in crocheting playgrounds for the public. My favorite is the Hakone Open Air Museum crochet playground in Japan.

3. Tiny Amigurumi Set of Rillakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori Duck

tiny crochet

At the opposite end of the playgrounds in size but requiring terrific detail and patience is the microcrochet of Su Ami. Amazing!

4. Life Size Crochet Portrait by Pat Ahern

life size crochet portrait pat ahern

I always find crochet portraiture to be amazing! This is Orange Papa by Pat Ahern.

5. Clockface by Jo Hamilton

crochet masks series

One of the most well known crochet portrait artists is Jo Hamilton who has recently taken her work to a new surrealistic level in a series called Masks.

6. Christine’s Coat by Sharron Hedges

1970s crochet coat hedges

I think this is a particularly great example of some of the amazing wearable crochet art that 1970s designers were doing.

7. Fingerprints by Anu Tuominen

crocheted potholders

Careful work had to go into the proper display of the exhibit to create the right color impact!

8. Crochet Car Skeleton

crochet car skeleton

I’ve seen this car posted all over the Internet but can’t find an actual source for where it came from. I think it’s terrific, though.

9. Wire Crochet Jellyfish Exhibit

arline fisch crochet jellyfish

Arline Fisch did a great job on this wire crochet underwater world.

10. Porcelain Living Room Installation

porcelain lace crochet art

Kristen Wicklund did this display of porcelain crochet art.

11. Mary Poppins by Joana Vasconcelos

mary poppins vasconcelos

Joana Vasconcelos made this stunning mixed-media piece in 2010; it hung in Château de Versailles where the artist was the first female artist to show contemporary work. The artist says that this piece is “handmade woollen knitting and crochet, industrial knitted fabric, fabrics, ornaments, polyester, steel cables” … I say it’s awesome!

12. Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Zoey Daws

somewhere over the rainbow crochet

This was part of the 7th Annual International Freeform Crochet Guild Challenge

13. Goddess, from Myth of the Crochet World

Goddess, from Myth of the Crochet World

This is one of my favorite pieces from amazing crochet sculpture artist Ming Yi Sung

14. Clemence Joly’s Crochet Candy

crochet candy

Clemence Joly takes real candy and crochets it into cakes and cookies. It’s tough to crochet with food!

15. Filet Crochet Pacman Placemat

filet crochet pacman

Industrial designer Alessandro Zambeli created a set of video-fame inspired crochet placemats. I like this one best but I’m partial to Pacman.

16. Helen Rodel’s Crochet Owl Hat

crochet owl hat

This image is by far the one I’m most often asked about by people contacting me through this blog. Helen Rodel is a fashion designer who puts crochet on the runway in unique ways. No, she does not sell a pattern for this amazing owl hat!

17. Point-Ed by Viviana Santamarina

paper crochet book art

This newspaper crochet artist created this mixed media piece that reminds me a little bit of an Escher drawing.

18. Nathan Vincent’s Locker Room

nathan vincent crochet locker room

Nathan Vincent‘s crochet locker room remains one of his most impressive pieces although he has done a lot of interesting work since this installation, too.

19. Silver Island Mountain III

crochet doilies

This is from a series of works by Carol Hummel where similar crochet macrame circles were laid out in different areas in nature. It’s a complex piece that looks at man vs. nature, man vs. woman and other contrasting ideas. It’s also just a beautiful piece.

20. Lobster Rope Crochet

orly genger crochet rope art

Orly Genger recycled lobster rishing rope into a crochet art installation in primary colors for Madison Square Park.

21. Wizard of Oz Socks with Ruby Slippers

crochet oz socks

Susanna Lewis created these amazing mixed-media thigh high tights with attached crochet ruby red slippers.

22. Xenobia Bailey Mandala Art

From my favorite series: Re-Possessed: Fiber Work

From my favorite series: Re-Possessed: Fiber Work by Xenobia Bailey

23. Granny Square Wreck Room by Allyson Mitchell

crochet whole house

I’ll never get tired of this one. Maybe I just really want to live inside of a crocheted room.

24. Crochet Cumulus Clouds

crochet cloud installation

Architectural artist Ciro Najle used mathematical fractals to create these crochet clouds. Learn more here.

25. Hyperbolic Crochet Reef Project

Crochet Coral Reef 4

Every incarnation and addition to this ongoing Wertheim crochet art exhibit impresses me.

Next up in this series of inspiration will be the 25 most popular free crochet patterns.


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