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Here is this week’s edition of crochet link love where I try to support the crochet community by sharing links to the best of the best in crochet art, crochet patterns, crochet fashion and more from around the web this week.

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Something Special


Free digital crochet sticker from Illuminate Crochet

Several blogs are planning new ongoing series for 2015 including:

Crochet Quote

“Before you impose a yarn or fiber diet on yourself as a New Year’s resolution, consider a de-stashing plan first. It can be refreshing and healthy for both you and your local yarn shop.” – Aaron at Fiber Arts Blog from a smart post about how “yarn diets” can negatively impact your LYS.

Crochet Art

crochet art exhibit

Crochet to be feature of February exhibit. The Miners Hall Museum has a first quarter exhibit called Stitch in Time that showcases handcrafting. The theme of focus for February will be the crochet works in the collection, works that are both vintage and new.

crochet doll

Crochet doll by Petite Pimprenelle. See other crochet dolls here.

crochet cigarettes

Crochet cigarette art by Kate Jenkins has been published in The Graphic Art of the Underground: A Countercultural History

flower crochet notebook

Flower crochet notebook by String Theory Crochet

Crochet Books and Magazines

mollie makes crochet magazine

@molliemakes Issue #49 is out now

room to create magazine

New Magazine Alert: Room to Create magazine, which includes inspiration and craft tutorials. Spotted over @twinkiechan blog.

crochet book

Cozy Toes for Baby crochet book for wearable, durable baby crochet shoes … one of the books I reviewed this week over on Crochet

Crochet Fashion

crochet jumper

Rebecca Judd is wearing a unique crochet jumper. See other crochet rompers here.

granny square top ASOS

ASOS granny square crochet top via Outstanding Crochet

Crochet Patterns

garden throw crochet blanket pattern

Monet’s Garden Throw Crochet Pattern for sale from @FeltedButton

crochet ribbed scarf free pattern

Third Loop HDC Ribbed Crochet Scarf free pattern from @creativejmom

mens crochet sweater pattern

Top-down men’s crochet sweater pattern for sale from Crackers in Bed

v stitch crochet cowl pattern

Easy Peasy V-Stitch Crochet Cowl free pattern from Mon Petit Four

free crochet cowl pattern

Free crochet cowl pattern from @jessie_athome

crochet scarf free pattern

Curlicue crochet scarf free pattern from Bella Crochet

crochet color blocked scarf free pattern

Crochet color blocked scarf two weeks free pattern from @rescuedpaw

crochet flower scarf

Crochet and Loom Flower free scarf pattern from @byhaafner

crochet headband pattern

Romantic flower headband crochet pattern for sale from Little Treasures

crochet hat pattern

Puff Stitch Hat free crochet pattern by @bhookedcrochet

free crochet hat pattern for kids

Happy Kid Lids free crochet hat pattern from @fiberflux

crochet heart afghan pattern

Cassandra’s Love crochet afghan pattern for sale from @KRWknitwear

free crochet hat pattern

Free crochet hat pattern for preschooler by @olgalacycrochet

crochet cowl wrap free pattern

Crochet cowl wrap free pattern from @SCCelinaLane

twine crochet flower pot pattern

Free crochet pattern for jute twine flower pot by @annabooshouse

crochet cactus pattern

Amigurumi cactus free crochet pattern by Hopeful Honey. See more crochet cacti here.

free crochet hat pattern spongebob

Spongebob Square Pants free crochet hat pattern from @repeatcrafterme

crochet blanket pattern

Crochet squares blanket free pattern from Laurel’s Place

Crochet Tutorials

crochet tea cozy tutorial

How to Make a Vintage-Style Crochet Tea Cozy by @meetmeatmikes

crochet edges tutorial

How to Crochet a Clean Edge Along a Rough Edge tutorial by @feltedbutton

long double crochet linen stitch tutorial

Long double crochet linen stitch tutorial free from Marly Bird

jacobs ladder crochet stitch

Jacob’s Ladder Crochet Stitch Tutorial from @jessie_athome; visit the link for the video tutorial

crochet granny square

How to Crochet Granny Squares (my own tutorial on Craftsy)

left handed crochet tutorials

How to Crochet Left-handed free tutorial set from @mooglyblog

Crochet Tips

intentional crafting

Tips for Creating a 2015 Crochet Plan, an article of mine over on Craftsy

Crochet News, Events and Info

crochet golden globes

Karen Viloria-Miguel is making crochet hats for the Golden Globes but what I really loved learning about was how she has used crochet to help her get through the difficulty of her husband’s diagnosis of a brain tumor.

wool show

The Second Annual Waltham Abbey Wool Show (@WAbbeyWoolShow) happens in UK on 1/18/15. It’s kicked off by Claire Montgomerie (@montyknits) of @InsideCrochet Magazine. Workshops include advanced amigurumi and crochet beanie hats. The event supports Age UK Waltham Forest.

crochet hats for Shaken Baby Syndrome

Prisoners in the Restorative Justice Program at the Women’s Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center in Vandalia, Missouri are making crochet hats to help raise awareness about shaken baby syndrome. I’m a huge fan of prison crochet as it provides a productive, creative way for inmates to use their time to do things like this that help others in the community.

marrakech crochet

On January 4th, Ingrid of Wood and Wool Stool announced that it was only 101 nights until the next Marrakech Crochet Retreat. Oh how I wish I could go.

Yarn Stuff

falkland yarn spinning

Forever In Fibre shared yarn spinning with Falkland wool

t-shirt yarn bakers twine

How to Make T-shirt Yarn Baker’s Twine from bilingual blog Nur Noch via @recyclart

Other Crafty Things

oil painting of woven tapestries

These look like beautiful woven tapestries but they are actually oil paintings! The artist is Caroline Larsen and I found them @jealouscurator.

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  1. Celina Lane Reply

    Oh, surprise! Thank you so much for adding my Coraline cowl wrap to your list. Delightful.

  2. Karen Viloria-Miguel Reply

    Thank you so much for including Canada Bliss on your list. I sincerely appreciate your support and mention of my husband’s experience and my Golden Globes opportunity. There’s nothing like awesome crochet communities like yours that support one another. Kindest Regards! Karen

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