30 Beautiful Examples of Crochet As Art

I adore crochet art. I think it’s wonderful when craft and art intersect and I appreciate when crochet is the craft used in this way. Here are 30 great examples of crochet as art, mostly showcased in 2015.

museum exhibit crochet knitting

The Miners Hall Museum 2015 first quarter exhibit called Stitch in Time showcases handcrafting. It includes both vintage pieces and new pieces of knitting, crochet and other needlework. February 2015 had a crochet focus in terms of classes and museum education.

crochet art doll

Crochet doll by Petite Pimprenelle. See other crochet dolls here.

crochet art lights

MGM Macau’s collaboration with Joana Vasconcelos opens March 15, 2015

crochet art brooch

Maya of Little Treasures is going to have an exhibition soon for her Romantic Mori Collectionsee more Mori Crochet here

colcha crochet

Colcha: A Study in Crochet, Code and Community. This is an older crochet project that I intended to write about and haven’t yet. It’s about collaborative crochet.

olek crochet art

Crochet artist Olek is participating in Rain Basera, a Street+Art Delhi project to bring empowerment to people living in temporary shelters (through art).

crochet art

Two crochet works believed to have been produced almost 100 years ago will be part of the Shoalhaven Historical Society’s Centenary of Anzac exhibition.”

crochet blanket art

Wood and Wool Stool turns a Harlequin Crochet Blanket into colorful wall art

crochet elephants

Crochetbug is working on making 101 crochet elephants; pattern via @repeatcrafterme

crochet flowers art

Crochet flower art from @hijennybrown

crochet art mural

Crochet art mural at Immingham elderly day centre

flower crochet notebook

Flower crochet notebook by String Theory Crochet

crochet button flower wreath tutorial

Crochet Flower Heart-Shaped Wreath Tutorial free from Attic24

crochet wreath pattern

Crochet spring wreath free pattern @repeatcrafterme

crochet flower yarnbomb

Crochet flower yarnbomb in Prior Park National Trust in Bath by @EmmaLeithBox

crochet art project

“Last week, the ever-inspiring Craftivist Collective launched their #wellMAKING garden at London’s Toynbee Hall, featuring over 750 knitted, crocheted and sewn flowers. The aim of the six-month project was to get people thinking about the nature of wellbeing, using craft as a reflective tool. The flower theme was chosen because, as founder Sarah Corbett says, ‘Craft helps you bloom.’” – via @molliemakes @craftivists

crochet heart love bomb

Yarnified Love Bomb is a heart-bombing project with a mission to simply spread love and kindness through the hearts of yarn in the creative techniques of knitting and crochet” by Nallie Makes via Crochet In Paternoster


Alien Campsite collaborative crochet art project by @yarnbombs via @redheartyarns

crochet pixel blanket

Crochet Pixel Blanket from German crochet blog My World of Crochet

crochet art

Portrait crochet artist Jo Hamilton had work on exhibit in February at Laura Russo Gallery in Portland.

crochet art

Knit and crochet surrealism exhibit in UK – @shieldsgazvicki

crochey yarn pinup

Darn! Men with Yarn pinup calendar via Bored Panda. Reminds me of the old roundup of hot men in crochet cowls.

crochet cigarettes

Crochet cigarette art by Kate Jenkins has been published in The Graphic Art of the Underground: A Countercultural Historyir?t=moho 20&l=as2&o=1&a=0857858181. Jenkins has had some good press lately including in @molliemakes, The Sunday Telegraph magazine Stella and Malatinta magazine (@malatintamag). She also worked on these crochet sequined lips as a Valentine’s commission:

sequined crochet kiss

granny square crochet art

This is an older piece but I was just going through my bookmarks and rediscovered it. It’s a mixed media crochet piece by Colette Gaiter called “With Minimal Concern for Safety“. Gaiter writes, “I am combining crochet, photographs, appropriated media
images and Twitter. The anachronistic practice of crochet allows creating something
from a single thread. Its repetitiveness and required dexterity are the opposite of
digital practices that rely on metaphor and efficiency to accomplish tasks in a virtual
way. Twitter is a thread of mostly unrelated thoughts that add up to something
intangible. The images and photographs are the crossover media that move easily
between object-based (printed) and ephemeral (online) representations.”

filet crochet dragon

Filet crochet dragon from RSS Designs in Fiber

mandy greer crochet art

Crochet artist Mandy Greer is going to be part of the Caldera Artist in Residence Program

Resobox Gallery had an exhibit of 4000 amigurumi contributed by over 140 artists from 32 different countries; spotted via @craftgossip

caution tape crochet

Crochet caution tape by Ann Morton working with Arizona Organizing Project, a project to get homeless people out of the heat

crochet art

Crochet art by Esther Traugot who shares: “I cover objects of nature with crocheted threads in an attempt to “prop up” or “put back” what has been abandoned, broken. As bandage or cozy, these support structures investigate the relationship between nurturing and controlling nature. The meticulous act of crocheting mimics the instinct to nurture and protect what is viable, what is becoming precious.”


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