I have noticed a huge trend in cowls for men lately. I first started noticing it here and there on the crochet blogs that I read. I have to confess that I kind of dismissed this as a crochet-lovers trend and not a true fashion trend. However, I then started seeing more and more men in crochet and knit cowls in my wanderings around the city. A little more research has told me that cowls are getting popular for men. In general, I am not really loving the trend. I’ve seen a lot of guys wearing cowls that just don’t look so great on them. But the following ten sexy guys I’ve found online are making me rethink the possibilities in this trend!

1. Mowl Mens Cowl

mens crochet cowl

This cowl is made by BessetteArt from Etsy. I don’t recognize the chunky stitch used here (do you?) but the description says that it is indeed crochet. With those piercing eyes on that hottie, I don’t really care what it is … I vote for it! And I have to say that if you’re not buying the male crochet cowl thing, check out this model showing off other designs in the same Etsy shop and see if it changes your mind.

2. Unisex Chunky Cowl

crochet cowl6

I am especially skeptical of the idea of unisex crochet cowls. I just find cowls on women appealing and cowls on men … not so much. But this photo of a unisex cowl made to order by Etsy’s mgbdesigns has me sold!

3. Men’s Wide Gray Cowl


Aw, what a cutie … and the dog is adorable too. :) This is the type of crochet cowl that I think most guys probably can’t pull off but if you get the right guy in the right setting, it totally works! It’s from Etsy’s intriguedknits.

4. Unisex Neckwarmer

crochet cowl7

Black is a classic color that does work for both men and women. This one is by DiNuovo. I think I’m starting to understand this men’s cowl thing.

5. Oatmeal Cowl

crochet cowls

This cowl looks super cozy, doesn’t it? I think when cowls work on guys it’s due in part to the fact that you can just see yourself snuggling up against them! The oatmeal men’s cowl is by thecattsuglybabies.

6. The Chunky Everyday Cowl in Kiwi

crochet green cowl

This guy shows that men can wear cowls in bright colors, not just neutrals, and still pull off a sexy look. Loving it! It’s by collectioncliche from Etsy and there’s more man candy … I mean crochet cowls … to look at there.

7. Purple Cowl with Brass Buttons

mens crochet cowl1

Yes, a man can even pull off a hot look wearing a purple cowl with buttons on it. And yes, I’m surprised. But clearly it’s a winner because seller smittenkittenorig had to put a note on the product’s page that the model is not for sale!

8. Three Color Circle Scarf

mens crochet scarf

So this is one is more of a circle scarf than a cowl but they’re in the same neckwarmer family. I like this one because it uses multiple colors in the design which is unique from most men’s crochet cowls. It’s by mallorydee.

9. Neck Lover Hugger

male crochet cowl

Just the name of this cowl makes it sound like it belongs to an affectionate man, doesn’t it? The fact that he’s wearing a crochet cowl while reading just adds to the sexiness. This cowl is by MelodyMaria.

10. Cowl for Him

crochet guys cowl

We can round out this list with the cowl for him by tolduso. It’s an acrylic yarn cowl made to order in a variety of colors. We see it looking good here in grey.

So, what are your thoughts on men’s crochet cowls? Has your opinion changed at all now?


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. I don’t know if I could get my guy to wear one of these but after looking at these I really think I am going to hook one.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @Rachee … Try to convince him to at least let you take a photo to share with us! :)

  2. Lisa with Tolduso Reply

    thank you for adding my cowl in your wonderful blog post….I know I make them for the fellows to wear but I still think they are more geared towards woman and looks so warm and cozy on the female…but looking at these pics there is some sexy going on with the male and cowls… :)

  3. Catt Alexander Reply

    Thank you so very much for including my Oatmeal Cowl in this gorgeous collection. My boyfriend was such a good sport when I asked him to model for me. I can’t wait to take more pictures of more cowls and neckwarmers. It seems men can wear them VERY well!

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks @Catt … Lots of Etsy ladies seem to have some great guys in their lives! :)

  4. thanks so much for featuring my man and my dog! i love a man in a great cowl. melts my heart

  5. Smittenkittenorig Reply

    thx so much for including my cowl masked man in the mix. i started making them for men when my husband expressed annoyance at scarf tails during winter activities like snow shovelling & outdoor sports.

    • Kathryn Reply

      @SmittenKittenOrig … Great to know that they are useful for the guys and not just good eye candy. :) Great work!

  6. All of them look great! I was surprised. My husband would never wear one, but I love the look. Using the right models and the right settings helps. Of course cute guys can make a wet paper bag look good.

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  10. Your blog posts sure do get my browser running hot with all the opening of tabs.

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