I know a lot of crocheters who love Japanese crochet patterns. I love looking at the cute things that people make using these patterns although I don’t really use them myself since I tend to be a less visual crocheter and don’t really like working from symbol charts. Nevertheless, I sometimes catch myself going to the craft section of the local Japanese bookstore near me and eyeing the styles. Japanese fashions are so unique, particularly those of the Harajuku Girls and Mori Girls, and I love seeing if I can spot crochet in those fashions.

Harajuku Girls and Mori Girls

harajuku crochet

Harajuku is a section of Tokyo and the term Harajuku Girls refers to the fashion style that emerged from this section. It is actually comprised of a variety of different styles ranging from punk inspired to looks to Gothic styles to boldly colorful cosplay inspired costumes. Mori Girls are easier to pinpoint; their kind of like the hippie bohemian counterpoint to the Harajuku Girl and tend to embrace natural colors and textures inspired by things like forests and fairies. As you might expect, it’s more common to see crochet among the Mori Girls style but you can find it sometimes on Harajuk Girls as well.

Japanese Crochet Style

Here’s a roundup of some more of the images I’ve seen of crochet on Harajuku Girls and Mori Girls:

mori girl crochet

Image via Stardoll

mori crochet granny squares

Image via Mon Mon Mori

pink crochet mori girl

Image via Electric Alice

mori girl doily

Image via Pinterest

mori girl crochet sweater

Image via Just Because by LeeLee

japanese crochet fashion mori

Image via Tokyo Fashion (as are the others in this post labeled as such in the image; it’s a great site for Tokyo street fashion, totally worth spending hours lost in!)

crochet shawl harajuku

japanese street fashion crochet shawl

tokyo crochet fashion

harajuku street crochet

mori girl crochet vest

Image via Oh Yeah Mori Girl

japanese crochet coat

Image via Drop Tokyo

mori girl crochet collar

Image via AsianiCandy

mori girl crochet dress

Image via Oh Yeah Mori Girl

japanese crochet style

mori girl crochet headband

Mori Girl Crochet Headband sold by Etsy’s GreenTrunkDesigns

Although not related to Harajuku / Mori style, some other Japanese artists and crocheters previously featured on this blog include Ruth Asawa, Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam, Kenzo Takada and Rei Kawakubo.


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