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Here is this week’s edition of crochet link love where I try to support the crochet community by sharing links to the best of the best in crochet art, crochet patterns, crochet fashion and more from around the web this week.

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crochet blanket

Have you seen the Jake’s Blankie CAL by @jessie_athome? It started last month and will continue until early April so it’s about halfway done but you can follow the links to each week’s crochet patterns to get caught up!


Have you voted in the first quarter of The Crochet Awards, yet? Jessie has three patterns up for vote: The Rachel Skirt, the Fall Leaves Wrap and the Unchained Shawl. Give her some support with a vote!

Crochet Quote

“During this time that is caught between the end of winter and the start of allergy season, I often find myself struggling to find the intrinsic motivation that propels me through summer, and today I found myself taking what I think of as “baby steps” in an effort to generate some crochet mojo.” – Crochetbug

Crochet Art

crochet art brooch

Maya of Little Treasures is going to have an exhibition soon for her Romantic Mori Collection; see more Mori Crochet here

sleep masks

Food art sleep masks by @twinkiechan

crochet eye pad

Crochet Eye-pad by String Theory Crochet

Crochet Books

craft book

2015 Crafter’s Market: How to Sell Your Crafts and Make a Livingir?t=moho 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1440239789 via Marty Miller

tapestry crochet

@UCrafter reviewed Tapestry Crochet by Renate Kirkpatrick

crochet dwarf patterns

@annemariesblog mentioned that Tessa van Riet of @Woolytoons Crochet has a book coming out later this year that will include a crochet amigurumi dwarfs pattern set.

Crochet Designers

crochet designer

@mooglyblog introduced us to Ann Mancini-Williams – the blogger and crochet designer behind Glamour4You!


Marly Bird podcast interview with @tooyarncute; she also interviewed @SCCelinaLane

crochet hat pattern

Tapestry crochet interview with Liz @PlayinHookyHats by @Ucrafter

Crochet Fashion

sibling punk crochet

@grazia_live had an interview with Sibling about their AW ’15 Collection, a punk-inspired collection featuring lots of knit and crochet

crochet vest

Granny Square Crochet Vest by Outstanding Crochet

crochet dress

Topshop crochet dress via The Guardian

wooden crochet jewelry

I adore NeoGranny’s crochet granny square wooden necklace and other craft-inspired jewelry designs

Crochet Inspiration

vercillo crochet flower

Usher in spring with 100+ crochet flowers – links to roundups of flowers and flower patterns for springtime inspiration!

Crochet Patterns

crochet rainbow patterns

Rainbow crochet blanket pattern for sale from @feltedbutton

rainbow crochet wrap pattern

Rainbow crochet wrap free pattern from @jessie_athome

crochet hexie motif free pattern

Crochet hexagon motif free pattern @sandracherryhrt

crochet hexie pattern

Crochet hexie free pattern from Laurel’s Place

crochet flowers pattern

Rainbow crochet flower pattern free from @fiberflux

crochet granny shawl pattern

Crochet granny shawl free pattern from Suz Place

crochet shawl pattern

Rose crochet shawl pattern for sale from Hopeful Honey

crochet granny square pattern

Floral crochet granny square free pattern from @madewithloops

crochet hangers

Tulips in a Field crochet hangers free pattern from ByHaafner

crochet beret free pattern

Starburst crochet beret pattern free from @bhookedcrochet

crochet shawl free pattern

Crochet shawl free pattern from @ElkStudio_

crochet scarf pattern

Aztec Scarf crochet pattern for sale from @JBHCrochet

crochet scarf pattern

Free crochet scarf pattern from @mooglyblog

crochet wrap pattern

Cowl wrap free crochet pattern from @SCCelinaLane

crochet earwarmer bow pattern

Crochet bow ear warmer free pattern @rescuedpaw

crochet wall hanging

Crochet mountains wall hanging free pattern @mamainastitch

crochet hedgehog pattern

Crochet hedgehog appliqué free pattern @crochetspot

crochet car blanket

Crochet car blanket / playmate free pattern @repeatcrafterme

chevron crochet egg pattern

Chevron crochet egg free pattern from @jahuston

crochet earth free pattern

Crochet earth free amigurumi pattern from @SCCelinaLane

felt crochet pouch

Felted pencil bag free crochet pattern with information on wet felting from ReveDreams

Crochet Tutorials

how to surface crochet

How to Surface Crochet @JBHCrochet who also shares a tutorial for how to add fringe to crochet

crochet chain

HDC Chainless Foundation crochet stitch tutorial video @gleefulthings; she also offers one for the sc chainless foundation

dc stitch tutorial

Center double crochet stitch tutorial video free @mooglyblog

Crochet Tips


5 Tips for Getting out of a Crafty Color Rut by Ashley Martineau @becraftsy

cupid heart amigurumi pattern

Tips on choosing eyes for amigurumi @freshstitches

Crochet News and Info

chicken sweaters

Granddaughter crochets sweaters for bald hen-pecked chickens

vanna white

Vanna White explains in a video interview that she learned to crochet at age five from her grandma then re-learned when she started on Wheel of Fortune, beginning by crocheting baby blankets for friends. Photo is from an old Etsy crochet interview with Vanna.

crochet blanket charity

“67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day, supported by Cell C, has announced its drive to produce 21 000 blankets by Tuesday, 21 April and create a world record in the process. In this, the 21st year of democracy, South Africans are encouraged to knit or crochet a blanket.” source

world's largest crochet blanket

“A crochet blanket measuring 464 square meters created for the victims of the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami has been recognised as the world’s largest by Guinness World Records. Around 11,000 of the pieces have been stitched together to complete the blanket in over two years and it broke the earlier record held by a piece in Kuwait, which measured 306 square meters.” See other crochet world records.


Yarnbomber Ami Zanders had her work taken down by elderly ladies who called it “tacky”. She said she doesn’t mind that because at least she’s getting a reaction!

crochet on tv

I admit to a guilty pleasure for crime TV dramas and reality TV shows. Lately I’ve been watching old episodes of Preacher’s Daughters and I spotted this chevron crochet blanket. See other crochet on TV here. See other chevron crochet inspiration here.

Yarn Stuff

How to Wash Yarn via Abby’s Yarns


3 new yarn colors in @idalifestyle yarn shop

Other Crafty Things

crochet collar pattern

How to sew a John Rocha fashion crochet collar using ready-made crochet trim

heart wreath diy

Heart Wreath DIY Kit by Cardboard Safari

knitwear designs

@coolhunting had an interview with knitwear designer Kim Haller


@apttherapy had a post about craft + culture, a current interior design trend: “The idea is to look for pieces that show how they’re made. Or find pieces that are made in a particularly interesting way, or are made in a way that gives credit or hints at the culture its inspired by. Going for pieces that have a history and richness to them, you imbue your spaces with a lot of interest and detail, not clutter.” “Like this rug from new company Leingrau, for instance, combines traditional crafts, like weaving, knitting, and felting with modern design to produce stunningly beautiful pieces. They’re lovely to look at from afar, they’re even more lovely when you get up close, but perhaps more importantly, these rugs and textiles bring a lot of story into your home with their rich details and materials.”

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