Crochet Artist: Joana Vasconcelos – Femininity and Society

Joana Vasconcelos is a Portuguese artist who creates masterpieces with fiber arts and more – from sewing to crocheting to knitting to weaving, and also sculpting and creating masterpieces with metal and plastic.

All of her work, including her crochet work, weaves together themes of womanhood, femininity, strength, and societal roles. Her art challenges people to look at what defines women and women’s art and to question any assumptions made about those things.

Check out her Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and website for a full look at her body of work.

Crochet Artist: Joana Vasconcelos

Joana Vasconcelos is a working artist who enjoys creating art in many different mediums that have been featured around the globe. 
Hannah Ege

A life long crocheter and knitter, Hannah is a creative person who enjoys designing their own patterns while having deep appreciation and love for timeless designs. Hannah's first official job was in a yarn store as a teenager and even now they regularly knit and crochet for friends and commissioned pieces. When not busy with fiber, Hannah enjoys all things coffee, reading, hiking and spending time with their kid.

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