20 Inspiring Examples of Glass + Crochet

I love looking at examples of how crochet can be combined with other products to make creative items. I’ve looked at crochet with fabric, denim, paper, stones and driftwood. Today let’s look at crochet with glass! Here are 20 stunning examples of crochet + glass.

Crocheting with Glass

crochet glass

Catherine Carr crochet glass art

It’s actually possible to take glass, melt it down somehow and use it like yarn to crochet. I don’t know how it’s done because the artists that do it seem to keep that a secret but it’s really cool to see it. A variation I’ve seen, by artist Anna Krystyna Casey, is to immerse crochet fabric into glass.

crochet art sculpture

Anna Krystyna Casey crochet immersed in glass sculpture

Glass + Crochet Jewelry and Accessories

You can crochet around glass, including sea glass, to create unique, beautiful jewelry. There are also glass beads available that can be incorporated into crochet jewelry designs.

crochet sea glass necklace

Sea glass and crochet necklace by artist Asta

crochet glass jewelry

Matching crochet and glass jewelry set from Learn to Crochet with Glass book by Annie’s Attic

crochet neckace free pattern

Glass bauble crochet necklace free pattern from @fiberflux

crochet driftwood jewelry

Sea glass and driftwood wire crochet necklace from eveldorado on Etsy

crochet glass necklace

Another example of crochet in glass from Anna Krystyna Casey

crochet aluminum belt

crochet aluminum tab belt from Brazil with fused glass buckle by Walleska EcoChicc

Crochet Glasses

crochet wine holder

Crochet necklace holder for wine glass designed for festivals; image by indichick7

craft pint glass

pint glass decorated with scissors, crochet hook and other crafty items by Etsy’s Vital

And Another Kind of Crochet Glasses

crocheted glasses

Geek chic crochet style: crochet around your prescription glasses for a unique statement piece! Pictured here is Ryan Lo fashion.

crochet glasses

Crochet eyeglasses cord free tutorial from homemade@myplace

Crochet + Glass Art

crochet art

Magda de Lange of Pigtails shared some stunning photos and terrific information of artist Wael Shawky’s glass-blown marionettes dressed in crochet costumes

glass crochet suncatcher

Glass-centered crochet sun catcher from Learn to Crochet with Glass book

hyperbolic crochet under glass

Jo Kamm’s hyperbolic crochet under glass

Crochet + Glass for the Home

elisabethandree crochet glass vase

Crochet cozy for glass vase by elisabethandree

crochet potholder patterns

Crochet handle for glass cookware pattern by Tamara Adams

crochet glass placemat

Crochet placemat with beaded glass crochet flowers from Learn to Crochet with Glass book

Glass Crochet Hooks

glass crochet hooks

These glass crochet hooks are from Michael and Sheila Ernst of GlassPens.

Glass as Inspiration

stained glass crochet blankets

What a beautiful stained glass crochet blanket over on Soul Pretty!

Of course, you can also just look at beautiful pieces of glass and use it to inspire your crochet. Stained glass is especially inspiring! See 20 stunning crochet stained glass inspired pieces here.


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