I first noticed Etsy artist Asta because of her the stunningly unique sea glass crochet jewelry she sells in her store called “astash”. I noticed her work again recently when I spotted her crochet acorn party favors in her second store “astashtoys” – favors I included in my recent crochet wedding party favors post. I love the originality and bit of whimsy in her work and thought I’d delve deeper into a full profile of that today.

About Asta

Asta’s Etsy profile explains that she’s raising two children in Portsmouth, UK although she’s originally from Lithuania. She learned to craft from her grandmother when she was a child and particularly remembers that her grandmother was always knitting. Asta knits and also crochets, felts and does photography and flower arranging. She loves using the color and composition features that she likes about photography when putting together her crochet jewelry and always strives to get that perfect balance between shapes and colors in her work.

Asta’s Sea Glass Crochet Jewelry

Asta gets sea glass from Blackpool Beach and crochets around it to create very striking jewelry that I really adore. I am impressed by the way that she works so many pieces of glass into a piece, creating a shape that could be heavy, and yet uses the right colors and layout to create a piece that actually appears very light to the eye.

Although it’s these big statement necklaces that I really like Asta also makes beautiful simple seaglass crochet necklaces using just one or a few pieces of glass set off perfectly with crochet details:

Other Crochet Jewelry By Asta

Asta also makes and sells a variety of other crochet jewelry in the Astash Etsy Store. I especially love the pieces that combine a natural organic look with elements of geometry. Here are a few of my favorites:

Asta’s Crochet Toys and Decor

Asta also crochets home decor items, toys, ornaments and more, which she mostly sells in her Astashtoys Etsy Store. She also sells some of her photography and other artwork here.

How could you incorporate local materials, such as sea glass, into your own crochet work?


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