Yesterday I shared a crochet poem by Lois Collins along with some of her beautiful crochet stone art. I really love the unique work she’s done with crochet stones and wanted to share more of the creative work that other artists have also done in this neat niche of crochet. Here’s a roundup of 20 great examples of crochet covered stones, starting with one more by Lois.

1. Crochet Art On Stones

crochet covered stones

I really love the beautiful crochet covered stones from Lois that I shared yesterday, which have faces on them, but I also love these more abstract art rocks.

2. Stone Stack Sculptures

crochet sculptures

Crochet doll artist Ingrid Zambrano also makes beautiful stacked crochet stone sculpture art. I love the huge scale.

3. Crochet Rocks and Turtle

crochet turtle scene

Margaret Oomen (aka Knitalatte) of Resurrection Ferm does really creative work with crochet covered stones, ranging from the very simple to the simply divine. I especially love her little scenes, like this one with crochet covered stones and doily-painted turtles. She also has crochet rock garden scenes that I love. There is actually a crochet pattern for some of her simpler stones over at Purl Bee.

4. Crochet Rock Garden

crochet rocks

Speaking of crochet rock gardens, here’s one by Wooly Fabulous

5. Patchwork Crochet Rock

patchwork crochet rock

Bronwyn’s Crochet Covered Patchwork River Rock by StitchHappens7, formerly on Etsy, previously featured on this blog

6. Crochet Lace Stones

crochet lace stones

Etsy’s MonicaJ has a terrific collection of crochet lacestones including this one I adore.

7. Rainbow Crochet Rock Decor

crochet rainbow rocks

Honeycomb Home crocheted a set of stones each in a different color of the rainbow and mixed them with other organic materials as beautiful decor for her home.

8. Ocean Inspired Crochet Rock Art

ocean rock art

I saw this crochet art piece by Maribeth Pomerantz in a Gardenmama interview

9. Thread Crochet Stone

thread crochet stone

This thread crochet motif stone is by Belladia

10. Crochet Stone Necklace

crochet stone necklace

I think there’s such a magical quality to this crochet necklace by Etsy’s ellisaveta that incorporates crochet covered stones.

11. Wooden Stone Alternative

bamboo crochet

Cocoknits did a variation by using a rock-shaped piece of wood (I think?) and adding both crochet and fabric.

12. Winter Berries Crochet Rock

crochet flower rock tutorial

A Foothill Home Companion offers a free crochet tutorial for this floral covered stone.

13. Organic Crochet Stone

organic crochet rock

Missus D explains, “Instead of going with a lace pattern, I went organic, creating many holes through which you can admire the nature of the rock.”

14. Colorful Crochet Rocks

colorful crochet rocks

Crochetdad made these colorful crochet rocks for his granddaughters.

15. Crystal Embellished Crochet Rocks

crystal bead crochet rock

A great touch! The Beehive Cottage shared these; they were a gift from her friend Darla J.

16. Crochet Felt Heart Music Rocks

crochet felt music heart rocks

By Jenny Doh

17 . Doll Rock Art

rock art doll

A little creepy, a little cool, by Etsy’s ee333

18. Irish Crochet Rock Paperweights

Crochet Stone Art

Etsy’s Nothingbutstring is inspired by Irish crochet, floral motifs and more.

19. Crochet Rock Fish

crochet rock fish

A little adorable, isn’t it? Via Etsy’s BrokenStoneCreations

20. Crochet Heart Stone

crochet heart stone

Etsy’s TableTopJewels does terrific work with crochet stones. I love this heart-shaped one!

I love crochet covered stones because they take something so simple and plain from the natural world and dress it up with a simple craft to create something truly unique, beautiful, eye-catching and inspiring.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


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  4. Love your crochet rocks, these are so different, will have. to try. Thanks for posting pictures.

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  7. Sarah Lloyd Reply

    Thank you for posting the lace covered stones Kathryn I’m so inspired. Love & hugs Sarah xox

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