I don’t sew and yet somehow I always find myself bookmarking projects that combine fabric with crochet. Perhaps I want an excuse to create a fabric stash to rival my yarn stash! I just love the mixture of textures and the combinations of pattern available in these projects. Maybe I’ll learn to sew one of these days. In the meantime, I’ll just collect the projects and maybe work on some of them that are no-sew. Here are some of my favorite inspiring ideas for craft projects that mix fabric and crochet in one:

1. Fabric + Crochet Jewelry

@StitchStory recently shared this find on Twitter and I immediately had to bookmark it. It’s from Sara Aires, a fiber artist from Portugal. You can bet I’ll be adding her blog to my next roundup of Portuguese crochet blogs! I think that this piece is great because it shows a smart combination of crochet colors and print fabric in a statement jewelry item. Here are two other great examples of crochet and fabric accessories that show a range of options for inspiration:

Terra Cotta Crochet-Fabric Necklace from Etsy’s pompomdesign

Crochet and Fabric Cuff Bracelets from Etsy’s artistmadhousecrafts

2. Fabric + Crochet Quilt

This was the very first fabric + crochet item I bookmarked that got me started on this whole trend. It’s from Sewing Daisies although I originally saw it on Craft. It shows how a simple crochet edging can add a unique spin to a basic quilt. There are so many different variations that you could spin off of from here!

3. Fabric + Crochet Top

I have seen many different projects lately for adding crochet to tank tops and T-shirts to create unique OOAK clothing in a snap. You can also start from scratch and use your favorite fabric and yarn to make a top that combines the two crafts of sewing and crochet. This gorgeous example was made by Under the Red Umbrella.

4. Fabric + Crochet Containers

Plushka shows how you can really show off the beauty of small fabric samples by using them to embellish crochet baskets and containers.

5. Crochet + Fabric Drawstring Bag

Chick Chick Sewing made this cute drawstring pouch combining different fabrics with crochet. I think it would also be smart to reverse the design and use fabric for the bottom and crochet for the bulk of the bag. What do you think? Another option is to sew a bag and add a crochet drawstring closure – Gleeful Things offers a sewing tutorial for that one.

6. Fabric Collage / Art

Patch Stitch Button combined many crafts into one artistic display here. She used fabric on fabric to make a basic bird shape, adding crochet, buttons and embroidery to complete the piece. This is a great example of how to combine crochet with fabric in an art piece. And this is one I could actually really do something with since it doesn’t require me to know how to sew per se!

7. Crochet and Fabric Rag Bag

Happy Together has a tutorial for taking a crochet bag and adding fabric scraps to it to create a rag bag. This is another no-sew option for combining crochet and fabric and definitely something I want to play around with myself.

8. Crochet Edging onto Fabric Pillowcases

You can crochet onto storebought pillowcases or use your fabric stash to make your own pillowcases and then add crochet to those. Sara vs. Sarah has a great sewing + crochet tutorial that takes you from start to finish making pillowcases like these.

9. Crochet + Fabric Bunting

You already saw this example once before on this blog in my roundup of Doily Ideas. It comes from MiaBooo. Another option is to crochet edging around fabric bunting – see an example at CraftPicker.

10. Reversible Blanket

It’s crochet on one side and fabric on the other – cozy and cute! This particular pattern is sold on Etsy by sheilalikestoknit.

11. Line a Crochet Purse

Crochet purses function significantly better when lined with fabric. The one pictured here is from a tutorial on how to line a crochet purse over at While They Play. I like this tutorial because it’s detailed and yet seems relatively simple but there are a lot of other tutorials online for learning to line a crochet purse with fabric. Two others I’d recommend come from FutureGirl and Speckless.

12. Crochet Edge Handkerchiefs

Adding crochet edging around squares of fabric to make handkerchiefs seems like a great project to me. You can use up small bits of fabric and practice various crochet borders at the same time. This photo comes from Primrose Design who picked up the handkerchiefs at a flea market. If you want to m

13. Crochet + Fabric Cell Phone Cozy

Keep your electronic gadgets double safe with a cozy that combines crochet and fabric. This cell phone cozy sewing + crochet tutorial is available over at AllAboutAmi.

14. Crochet + Fabric Strip Cushion

I adore this idea that comes from Sewing Daisies to weave fbric strips through an openwork crochet design. By the way, Sewing Daisies has tons of other ideas for combining crochet and fabric besides just this one and the quilt idea above. Her treasure trove of inspiration includes crochet on fabric coasters and crochet fabric Easter Eggs.

15. Crochet + Fabric Heart

Heidi Bears offers a three-part tutorial to sew this fabric heart that is edged in crochet. I think these would make super cute gifts for a variety of occasions!

16. Fabric + Crochet Sachets

These were sold on Etsy by Luluhopping1983. They were previously featured here on the blog as an Etsy pick of the day. I just love what a simple but gorgeous project this is for using up fabric stash and yarn!

17. Crochet + Fabric Stuffed Animals

Combine a love of amigurumi with a flavor for fabric and you can make some truly unique stuffed animals. This elephant was sold on Etsy by Sweetnellie. Another idea would be to crochet a stuffed animal and then sew clothes to put on it.

18. Fabric + Crochet Cup Cozy

Make a basic crochet cup cozy a bit more special with some fabric embellishment. This one is sold on Etsy by theDoubtfulPixie.

19. Use Advanced Skills to Make a Garment

If you are good with crochet and good with sewing then you can ramp up your creations. The example above is a gorgeous bodysuit by Louis Vuitton but you don’t have to be a famous designer to combine the two crafts.

20. Crochet with Fabric

This is one I’ve actually done. Take your fabric, cut it into long strips and then crochet something with it. The most popular items to crochet with fabric strips are rugs and tote bags but don’t hesitate to play around! The rug above was crocheted by New England Quilter.

Time to confess: How many of you have a fabric stash? Tell me about in the comment section!


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  1. Thanks for including my cell phone cozy :) Love all the other ideas to combine crochet with fabric!

    • CrochetBlogger Reply

      @haleymathiot It’s seriously a good thing that I almost never go into fabric stores but I don’t have room for a fabric stash on top of my yarn stash! :)

  2. Mad Artists Reply

    Thank you for including us in your list! Deeply appreciated! =D – Artist Madhouse

  3. Sewing Daisies Reply

    Hey there Kathryn,

    Thank you so much for featuring by blanket & cushion! You have chosen some inspiring pieces of work….it has made me realise I need to get my fingers out and start ‘crowing’ some more.

    I can’t wait to see what else you have lined up fort us!

    cheers Heidi

    (Sewing Daisies)

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  5. CrochetBlogger Reply

    @LBYOutlet Thanks for sharing my fabric/crochet post. So many great projects that combine the crafts!

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  16. Mary Ann Stassen Reply

    I love the fabric and crochet combo blanket (#2). I was hoping not to have to waste time figuring it out by following the pattern, but the page won’t load from Sewing Daisies. Do you have the tutorial anywhere else?

  17. Studio Britta Reply

    I love mixing different techniques. Crochet and fabric is really a great combination. You can find a few of my ideas in my etsy shop or Studio Britta on instagram.

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