15+ Crochet Patterns for Animals

I have a lot of animals in my life. I volunteer with a friend’s dog doing animal-assisted therapy. I petsit for a few other dogs and cats. My brother runs a dog hiking business in Los Angeles, my mother works at an animal rescue in Tucson. So it’s probably no surprise that I always take notice of crochet patterns designed for pets and other animals. Here are links to fifteen crochet patterns for pets along with suggestions of where to find more.

crochet dog cowl

Crochet dog cowl free pattern by @habitulhomebody

crochet dog leash pattern

Crochet dog leash free pattern from Mamachee

baby bird nest

Wildcare asks you to knit or crochet a baby bird nest (patterns available) for their 2015 Baby Bird Nest Campaign

crochet pet pattern

Etsy’s OnceUponAPoodle sells crochet patterns for dogs

crochet dog scarf

PoshPooch also sells crochet patterns for dogs

crochet paw patterns

Crochet paw print dog mat and matching eating mat pattern for sale on Ravelry from Susan Lynn

crochet pet collar

Easy free crochet pet collar pattern from Crochet Quickies

crochet pet collar

Cordial crochet pet collar free pattern from Danyel Pink Designs

crochet cat toy pattern

Turtle-shaped crochet pet toy free pattern from Kathy North who also has lots of other crochet patterns for pets in her KN Designs Ravelry store

crochet sets

Crochet Lady Who Lunches Hat and Sweater Pattern and Matching Dog Sweater from @lionbrandyarn

crochet dog heart sweater kit

Romantic dog sweater crochet pattern and kit from @lionbrandyarn @becraftsy

crochet kitty sweater pattern

Fur-trimmed crochet cat sweater pattern for sale from @crochetkitten

crochet unicorn hat costume for cat

Unicorn hat crochet costume for cat for sale from Lindsay Smith who sells a variety of pet costume patterns in her Ravelry shop

crochet pet tie

Crochet pet tie pattern free from Moochka

crochet cat pattern

Crochet cat cave pattern for sale from @knotbygranma

T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Covered Puppy Bed

Here’s my crochet tutorial  for a t-shirt yarn pet bed

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