Inspiring Examples of Crochet Socks

I just completed a roundup of free crochet sock patterns over on (along with a few book recommendations for people who want to crochet socks). I knew that I had a bunch of different images of crochet socks here in the Crochet Concupiscence archives so I thought I’d go ahead and round those up as well, offering some crafty inspiration to people interested in this area of the craft.

crochet socks

Beautiful colorful striped socks by Anne Egan; this is a crochet pattern for sale through Simply Crochet Mag and was previously included in my roundup of 50 Fabulously Inspiring Things in Crochet

slipper socks free crochet pattern

Slipper socks free crochet pattern from Fiber Flux, a terrific design for chunky socks that could be worn beneath winter boots or as warm slippers around the house.

featherandthread crochet socks

Crochet socks shared by featherandthread – beautiful color choices and a lovely textured stitch pattern!

sweet_sharna striped crochet autumn socks

Cute striped crochet socks made by Sweet Sharna who is always creating the most adorable things

julie_accrochet crochet striped socks pattern

Terrific striped crochet socks in all sizes made by ACCROchet

holly_pips crochet socks

Men’s striped crochet socks made by Holly Pips, in a design that could be great for sports fans!

holly_pips crochet socks

These socks were also made by Holly Pips in a more feminine array of colors.

missmotherhook crochet socks

These were shared on Instagram by MissMotherHook (whose account appears to no longer be active under this same name)

crochet socks pattern

Adjustable socks crochet pattern for sale from Crochet Spot; previously showcased in the roundup of Best 2015 Crochet Patterns

polly_pet crochet socks

Pom pom crochet socks by polly_pet on Instagram

crochetali crochet socks

Crochet socks on display – what a cute pattern! On Instagram from crochet_ali.


These are also made by crochet_alo. What a gorgeous set of socks. I can’t decide which color I like best!

crochet socks pattern

Crochet ankle socks free pattern from The Gingerbread Bunny

crochet baby socks free pattern

These crochet socks were by AngelRae Knits, which I can no longer find as an active blog online

crochet socks pattern

Mamachee has a lot of different patterns available for socks and slippers. This is just one example.

rodarte crochet socks

These crochet socks may look like they’re made by someone that you know but they are high-end designer socks from Rodarte

comme des garcones crochet socks

It isn’t too easy to see these socks but if you look closely, you’ll see that they are Comme des Garçons crochet socks

crochet flip flops

flip flops crochet socks pattern from Red Berry Crochet, previously featured in my roundup of crochet flip flops

crochet socks patterns

Karen Ratto-Whooley has more than thirty different crochet sock patternsn available for sale through Ravelry

crochet socks pattern

Vicki Brown has more than one dozen crochet sock patterns listed on Ravelry, including these

crochet socks pattern

Pam Daley also offers a number of crochet sock patterns through Ravelry, including this knit-like crochet pattern

vercillo crochet socks

My first pair of crochet socks, one of many things that I’ve crocheted


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