I crochet all of the time. I crochet almost every day. And I often share photos of the work, or at least the works in progress, on Instagram. But it has been a really long time since I shared my crochet work here on the blog so I thought it would be a good time for a roundup of things I’ve made. Here they are!

Crochet Art

I make a little bit of crochet art here and there:

crochet flower art

I created these thread crochet flowers and then added them to each other along with some filet crochet for a stem and put them on top of another unused WIP for some crochet flower art.

crochet flower art crochet flower art flower crochet art

My mom sent me three crochet flowers and the stems and leaves that go with them. I took those and added my own flower and a background piece to create a collaborative crochet art piece to contribute to a Prudence Mapstone art project.

hyperbolic crochet art

I have several hyperbolic crochet art pieces that I add to periodically.

hyperbolic crochet art hyperbolic crochet art hyperbolic crochet art

Crochet Blankets

I almost always have a crochet blanket on my hooks, usually a large granny square crochet blanket.

img_0929 img_1723 img_1898 img_1890 img_2065 img_1511 img_2518 img_2577 img_2705 img_2709 img_2860 img_2820 img_2831 img_2897 img_2919 img_2775 img_3004 img_3009 img_3083 img_9197 img_9193 img_9481

img_1992 img_3043

Crochet for Puppy

I love to crochet for the animals in my life. Miso, the chihuahua, often gets crochet accessories because she’s so tiny that the projects are super quick to work up. I especially love to make her crochet puppy cowls. Lucy, the Golden Retriever, recently got her certificate to be an SPCA certified therapy dog and we’ve begun working together at a few different psychiatric settings.

img_3029 img_2080 img_1281 img_1306 img_0417 img_2197 img_2202

Crochet Accessories

I also make crochet accessories for myself now and then:

img_2631 img_2635 img_2663

Crochet hat using pattern in Vintage Crochet Hats and Accessories book


Crochet fingerless gloves (above) and slipper socks (below)

img_2570 img_2331

Crocodile stitch infinity crochet cowl (free pattern here)

img_2341 img_2121 img_2127

Oversized ribbed double crochet scarf (free tutorial here)

img_2129 img_2140 img_0562

Broomstick lace and tall stitches – infinity scarf



img_1132 img_0913

Crochet shrug


img_1265 img_1249

Crochet Garments

And I love to wear my own handmade crochet clothing:


Novelty yarn crochet jacket

img_9333 img_3025

This was a granny square crochet cowl that I added to on one side to make it a skirt. The bottom of it is a series of tall stitches designed to look like faux fringe.


img_2008 img_1958

Granny square halter top

img_2959 img_2947

And More Crochet


Ribbed seed stitch crochet kitchen towels


Ribbon tape crochet envelope for gifts (above) and drawstring pouch (below)

img_3034 img_2184

3-strand thread crochet granny heart sent to a swap partner for Valentine’s Day

img_2187 img_2185 img_2043

Crochet flower (free tutorial here)


Chunky crochet rug



San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Crystal Wall Reply

    I don’t use my instagram very much. I perfer to read the blogs. Please share here more often. Your work is so beautiful. I always have a granny blanket on one of my hooks at all times. I also HAVE TO HAVE the granny tank. I love the convertible idea of it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Susan Urnikis Reply

    Love your patterns. So pretty. I would like the pattern for the rug. Looks amazing. Thanks. Sue

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks! I was just working a circle – no particular pattern. :)

  3. You are definitely and inspiration Kathryn, yay for creativeness!

  4. It does not help u post “The things I do with crochet” and not pass on, who do not have much experience does.

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