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1. How to Plan a Crochet Blanket Using Yarn Pegs

how to use yarn pegs to plan a crochet project

Awhile back the fabulous Lucy of Attic24 shared that she uses yarn pegs to help her plan out her crochet projects. She has now shared more information about how to do this for people interested in learning from her idea. She says at the end of her post, “Isn’t it just the most amazing thing to be able to feel colour.” Yes!

2. Mini Mandala Free Crochet Pattern

mini mandala crochet pattern

Creative Jewish Mom shared a free crochet pattern for a springtime-colored stash busting mini crochet mandala. If you like mini mandalas, you will also find free crochet patterns for them from Pink Mambo and Svetlana of crochet_off.

3. Paper and Crochet Yen

paper and crochet yen art

Japanese Yen Recreated in Paper and Crochet by Sekimoto Tomoko via Knithacker

4. Random Acts of Crafty Kindness

crochet squares

Mollie Makes shared a lovely article about crafting for others, distributing acts of kindness through crafting in the form of things like yarnbombing. The article specifically mentions yarn bombers Magda Sayeg and Kerry Howarth.

5. Mitered Square Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

mitered square crochet blanket pattern

Betsey Makes shares a free mitered square crochet pattern and then explains in detail how to join shares horizontally and vertically to make them into a blanket.

6. New Way to Start a Crochet Project

starting a crochet project

Roving Crafters shares a video tutorial for the idea of crocheting into the backside of a starting chain. “Why? Because then you’ll have a starting edge that looks an awful lot like your finishing edge. With the base chain turned upside down, those pretty interlocking V’s will be facing out and down and that can add a nice, polished touch to projects like scarfs and washcloths.”

7. Crochet Author Interview

big acorn race crochet

The Big Acorn Race – a really cute crochet book that I’ve had the pleasure of previewing – is going to be available soon and Squirrel Picnic shared more about it all in this interview with the author.

8. Ice Cream Cone Crochet Mittens Free Pattern

ice cream crochet mittens

The 3 scoops crochet mittens free pattern by The Unknown Orchard is designed to make your hands look like ice cream! It’s an adaptable crochet pattern. “This was a fun opportunity to combine some different textural stitches I’ve been figuring out. The cuff can be worked in either diamond stitch or waffle stitch or one of your own design. There are also tons of variations for the ruffle at the bottom of the scoops of ice cream. “

9. Mini Granny Heart Free Crochet Pattern

mini granny heart free crochet pattern

Potter and Bloom shared this adorable little free crochet pattern for a mini granny heart. It’s a written pattern with a video tutorial as well.

10. Twine and Wool Basket Free Crochet Pattern

twine and wool crochet basket

Brown Dog Creations designed this crochet basket to hang on the side of a loft bed and hold things like tissues that you might want to have without getting out of bed. It’s a really cute crochet basket free pattern made using a combination of twine and wool.

11. Unicorn Hood Free Crochet Pattern

unicorn head free crochet pattern

Animal hooded crochet patterns are all the rage but this one takes it up a notch because the animal is a magical unicorn. Love it. This unicorn hood free crochet pattern is by Busting Stitches.

12. Flower Garland Scarves Crochet Pattern

flower garland crochet scarves

Sheila Zacharie created these beautiful floral crochet garland scarves that bring a variety of springtime blooms to your neck. I interviewed Sheila awhile back about how crochet helps her. The interview was originally published an issue of Happily Hooked and can now be seen online.

13. Author Interview: A La Sascha

crochet robot pattern

Crochet designer A La Sascha has a new crochet book out in Dutch featuring her crochet rag dolls and she shares all about them (in Dutch and English) in this crochet author interview featured on Happy in Red

14. Vintage Doily Free Crochet Pattern

vintage doily crochet pattern

Lacy Crochet offers a great collection of free vintage crochet patterns including this doily pattern. She shares, “A few years ago I attempted to crochet this doily but gave up. The pattern seemed to complicated and confusing to me. But it is one of the most beautiful doilies I’ve ever seen, so I decided to give it another try. And my attempt was successful!”

15. Clothesline Rope Crochet Basket Video Tutorial

crochet rope basket

Sharon Watterson shared the link to the video tutorial for crocheting around clothesline to make sturdy crochet baskets.

16. Triangle Shawl Crochet Pattern

triangle shawl rochet pattern

Lazy Hobbyhopper made this triangle crochet shawl pattern using a very pretty variegated yarn. She says, “Though the pattern itself is very simple, the yarn and the edging worked in a complementing solid colour makes it more interesting.”

17. Extended Single Crochet

how to extended single crochet

Kathryn Senior on Craftsy shared what the extended single crochet is all about and how to do it.

18. Crochet Wedding Dress

crochet wedding dress

Recrochetions shares the beautiful story of her sister’s crochet wedding dress and how it went from concept to creation.

19. Primrose Placemats Free Crochet Pattern

crochet flower placemats

LoveCrochet shared a free crochet tutorial / pattern for springtime placemats made using waffle stitch and decorated with pretty primrose flowers.

20. Crochet Socks Pattern

crochet socks

Simply Crochet shared the Ravelry pattern link to these beautiful, colorful striped crochet socks by Anne Egan. “Each sock is worked top down. The ribbing is worked back and forth in rows, joined into a tube and the leg is then worked in the round from the ribbing edge. The back of the heel is worked in rows. The foot is picked up from around the heel and leg stitches and worked in the round.”

21. Bead Crochet Tutorials

how to crochet with beads

Moochka has added new crochet tutorials to the site, all for using bead crochet. “They are about how to thread a bead onto yarn and how to work a bead into double crochet, half treble and treble (US sc, hdc, dc).”

22. Photographer’s Crochet Mittens Free Pattern

crochet photography mittens

I love this idea: crochet mittens with completely covered fingers that have slits so you can pop out the parts you need to take photos in the cold! There’s a free crochet pattern by Spindle Shuttle Needle on the PetaPixel site.

23. Overlay Crochet Mandala Pattern

crochet mandala pattern

There are so many wonderful crochet mandala patterns coming out these days. This is the Joanna’s mandala by LillaBjorn. This crochet pattern was inspired by the design of Celtic knots.

24. Cabled Crochet Coffee Cozy Free Pattern

cable crochet coffee cozy free pattern

One Dog Woof is playing with crochet cables and the result is beautiful. This free coffee cup cozy crochet pattern features woven cables in cotton.

25. One Skein Crochet Shawl Free Pattern

one skein crochet shawl free pattern

This one skein crochet shawl free pattern by Dream Crochet is made using Yarn Bee Diva Yarn. It is worked using basic crochet stitches.

26. Can Can Crochet Art

can can crochet art

Crochet artist Kate Jenkins exhibits great tongue-in-cheek humor in all of her pieces and this can can crochet piece is certainly no exception.

27. Marled Yarn Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

marled yarn free crochet pattern

Crochetbird shared how much she enjoys working with marled yarn (“the kind of yarn that has two or more different colored strands twisted together”) and also shared a free crochet scarf pattern for using it.

28. Color Changing Yarn

color changing yarn

lluminate Crochet spotted this yarn that changes color in the sun. Awesome! I need to try this stuff. It reminds me of the old color changing t-shirts we had when I was in elementary school. And it also reminds me of ecouterre, an eco-conscious line of clothing that changes color to reflect pH of rain.

29. Fun Feet Crochet Book

fun feet crochet pattern book

Emma Varnam shared some photos of the cute little crochet shoes she created to contribute to the multi-author book Fun Feet.


kcacouk cal

In case you haven’t seen it, yet, there is still plenty of time to join in on the Keep Calm and Crochet On UK crochet-along

31. Amanda’s Crochet Blankets

amanda's crochet blankets

An exhibit of Amanda’s Crochet Blankets at Unravel. She’s one of the most brilliant colorful crochet blanket designers I know of!

32. Free Crochet Patterns Podcast

free crochet patterns podcast

Marie of Underground Crafter has exciting news: She’s Launched the Free Crochet Patterns Podcast

33. Crocheters Connection Podcast

crocheter's connection podcast

Speaking of new crochet podcasts, if you haven’t discovered it yet, Priscilla Prince of Crocheters Connection has a great new podcast that I’m really enjoying. There have been six episodes; #1 starts here.

34. A Bag Full of Crochet YouTube Podcast

bag full of crochet

And one more podcast for you that’s recently started in the world of crochet … A Bag Full of Crochet is now doing a video podcast on YouTube.

35. Denim Bucket Hat Free Crochet Pattern

crochet denim bucket hat free pattern

I adore this little free crochet hat pattern new from @jessie_athome.

36. History of Crochet

history of crochet

LoveCrochet had a nice article discussing some of the history of crochet.

37. Felted Wine Tote Free Crochet Pattern

felted wine tote crochet pattern

Make a gift of wine special by wrapping it in this felted wine tote, free crochet pattern by Petals to Picots

38. Mitered Square Pillow Tunisian Crochet Pattern

mitered square pillow tunisian crochet free pattern

Marie of Underground Crafter offers us this free crochet pattern for a Tunisian crochet mitered square pillow. Elegant!

39. Square Star Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

crochet square star

Take a square, make some adjustments, turn it into a star and you have a crochet blanket or rug. This free crochet pattern is from JR Crochet Designs.

40. Twisted Single Crochet Tutorial

how to twisted single crochet

How to twisted single crochet, left and right handed tutorials, free from Moogly

41. 6 Reasons to Try Felting

crochet felting

Felted Button shares six reasons to love felting

42. Baby Chick Free Crochet Pattern

baby chick crochet pattern

Amigurumi chick free crochet pattern from Repeat Crafter Me – perfect for spring!

43. Crochet Slouch Hat Pattern

crochet slouch hat pattern

Illuminate Crochet sells this crochet hat pattern for a slouch hat that’s primarily made using the unique extended single crochet stitch.

44. Russian Join Yarn Tutorial

how to join yarn without knot

Outstanding Crochet provides a photo tutorial for knotless yarn joining also known as the Russian Join

45. Crochet Jewelry Pattern

crochet necklace and earrings pattern

Maya of Little Treasures has created a new jewelry pattern for matching crochet necklace and earrings

46. Faux Knit Puff Stitch Cowl Free Pattern

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

This chunky cowl crochet pattern uses a faux knit version of the puff stitch, free from Not Your Average Crochet

47. Vintage Textiles Art Project

vintage crochet and textiles

Check out the Inheritance Project Mystery Boxes by Amy Meissner who is collecting vintage crochet and textiles for a huge exhibit.

48. Classic Crochet Blankets

classic crochet blankets

My review of the new book of 18 classic crochet blankets

49. Adult Crochet Art

crochet art history

Artist Caroline Wells Chandler is “crocheting a queer version of art history” and has a current art exhibit

50. How to Crochet a Classic Granny Square

crochet granny square

I updated the About.com article on how to crochet a granny square

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